KEF AudioQ-75 Q75KEF Audio Q-75  Q75 Absolutely Pristine w/Factory BoxesAbsolutely Pristine KEF 3-Way, 4-Driver Model Q75 Bi-Wire / Bi-Amp Capable Speakers with KEF Uni-Q Coaxial Driver Technology – Works Flawlessly and is in Virtually Mint Condition with Factory Boxes...745.00

KEF Audio Q-75 Q75 Absolutely Pristine w/Factory Boxes [Expired]

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Absolutely Pristine KEF 3-Way, 4-Driver Model Q75 Bi-Wire / Bi-Amp Capable Speakers with KEF Uni-Q Coaxial Driver Technology – Works Flawlessly and is in Virtually Mint Condition with Factory Boxes – MSRP $1,500! Unlike B&W which is experiencing unparalleled popularity and success, KEF is the quiet company that keeps doing everything right, but doesn’t know how to market their greatness. KEF is respected and admired by professionals and consumers alike, and people who own them love them … but KEF doesn’t create the excitement in terms of marketing buzz that other companies do. This is a fantastic speaker company, and have been for several decades. The KEF 104/2 and 105/3 speakers are some of the best of all time, and these Reference Series Model 90 speakers are exemplary of just how good speakers can look and sound in a relatively compact form factor. And, like B&W, virtually everything that KEF manufactures is of exceptional build quality. These speakers have four speaker cable input terminations to accommodate Bi-Amp / Bi-Wire connections, and also come with the original bi-wire factory clips so that standard two-connector wiring can be used. These KEF Q-75 are extraordinary in a number of ways, and not just because of the famous KEF UniQ coaxial duplex speakers. They also employ unique B169 woofers on the Q75 have an oval shape. Because of the point source coaxial design with the KEF proprietary Uni-Q drivers, the overall cabinet size is quite small. These diminutive speakers are perfect for sitting on the mantel or atop or below your TV / Plasma / LCD screen, and are ideal for apartment living or for a bedroom – clean lines, a small footprint and really wonderful sounding. Functionally and cosmetically, the speakers are absolutely pristine. No marks on any of the drivers, no scrapes, dings, or other blemishes on the cabinet surfaces, and the grills are fabulous – essentially as new with no holes, stains or cracked frame members. The cabinets have an extremely buttery smooth, satin-like finish that evokes a feeling of quality. They also sound sensational – crystal clear, very neutral and terrific imaging. They perform like new. Here is information from KEF on the Q Series speakers: The new Q Series for 1997 featured some key developments in driver and cabinet technology. The 165_19 format Uni-Q array included a low profile surround that was moulded onto the cone to provide not only an improved cone-surround mechanical termination and a subsequently smoother mid-band response, but also a more continuous waveguide for the high frequency tweeter radiation. The result was a step-up in smoothness and tonal neutrality. The classic ‘racetrack’ form of the legendary B139 bass driver was reintroduced in the new B169 (6”x 9”). With a lower moving mass than the original, it allowed high sensitivity and improved dynamics in the Q65, Q65SE and Q75. The cabinets featured a curved front baffle and all models included twin input terminals for bi-wiring or bi-amping. Specially moulded trim rings and interlocking ports, together with the semi-transparent cone of the Uni-Q array created a range of speakers with high acoustic performance matched with attractive contemporary styling. KEF Q75 Speaker Specifications: * System type: Three-way, floor Standing Reflex * Drive units: … B169 Bass unit (SP1385) … BD169 passive radiator (SP1389) … B160 Midrange unit (SP1374) … NT19 tweeter (SP1367) * Crossover network: SP2267 * Nominal impedance: 6 ohms * Power Handling: 200W * Frequency response: 36Hz to 20kHz +/-3.0dB (-6dB at 33Hz) * Sensitivity: 91dB at 1m for 2.83V * Maximum output: 114dB * Dimensions (H x W x D) … Height: 39.5” (987mm) … Width: 9.0” (225mm) … Depth: 11.0” (275mm) * Weight: 19.5kg (44 lbs) * Finish: Black Ash These KEF Q-75 Speakers retailed for $1,500 in 1997, and the AudiogoN Bluebook lists an average used resale value of $810 regardless of condition. Here is a terrific opportunity to buy a sensational pair of Q-75 speakers that are not only thoroughly tested, they both play like new and look like new. Payment is via United States Post Office Money Order, Paypal or Cash Upon Delivery. I have the original factory boxes and the original packing inserts, however my preference is not to ship them. The factory boxes are in great shape, however they are flimsy and really designed only to protect the speakers while being moved around in a factory warehouse environment and not really designed to thoroughly protect these speakers from damage in transit. I can deliver for free if you are local to me in the San Francisco area. IMPORTANT: If you do not have a long term track record on AudiogoN please leave your phone number or I will not respond.
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