KEF iQ30 Black MonitorKEF iQ30  Black Monitor New Unopened Box!!Here is a brand new, unopened pair of Black KEF iQ30 bookshelf monitors. They have a great sounding coaxial driver with a wonderfully light and articulate 6.5" aluminum bass cone. They are a great ...299.00

KEF iQ30 Black Monitor New Unopened Box!! [Expired]

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Here is a brand new, unopened pair of Black KEF iQ30 bookshelf monitors. They have a great sounding coaxial driver with a wonderfully light and articulate 6.5" aluminum bass cone. They are a great size driver to be used as either front stereo monitors or rear/side speakers in a larger surround sound system. This is absolutely the best price you will ever find for these. I have excerpted a typical review of these. Stereos The KEF Uni-Q driver and a new 'tangerine waveguide' are the core drivers in the iQ30 speaker. Uni-Q is a proprietary KEF driver design, developed over the company's fifty-year history. In the Uni-Q design the acoustic centers, or voice coils of the 6.5" mid-bass driver and 0.75" tweeter are time aligned in order to achieve a 'point source' design where all sounds emanate from the same point in space. As a result, interference between the sound waves from separate drivers is minimized and the results provide a coherent sound quality with wide dispersion characteristics. A coherent speaker presents a sound wave as if listening to a single driver for all frequencies, not separate drivers interconnected by a crossover and is one of the most important and often overlooked characteristics of accurate music reproduction. A waveguide helps control and direct the sound coming from the tweeter and increases horizontal dispersion of high frequencies. I have no idea where the term 'tangerine' originated and it's not important, but I assume it's because of the shape, which resemble the mottled skin of a tangerine. The KEF iQ30s have dual speaker terminals for bi-wiring and bi-amplification. Sound Quality A good speaker reproduces music and voice with little coloration and is faithful to the original recording, thus the term high fidelity. I found the iQ30s to be accurate and very easy on the ears for casual and critical listening. Stephane Grappelli's jazz violin sounded sweet with good transparency and openness in the mids and highs in 'The Collection' (CD, Castle Music), a great live recording from the 1970s. Likewise, the delicate details in the fiddle and mandolin had excellent resolution in 'The Lighthouse's Tale' from Nickel Creek (SACD/CD, Sugar Hill Records). This trio's talented musicians really showed off the midrange and treble qualities of the iQ30s. The KEFs also reproduced vocals with outstanding openness and transparency in Norwegian singer Kari Bremnes' 'Dine Oine' (Your Eyes). Her voice imaged well and had great soundstage presence. The KEF iQ30s nicely revealed the sonic refinements and imperfections in the newly re-mastered Beatles CD collection. As I mentioned in my review, the vocal clarity and instrumental details were markedly improved from the original LPs and CDs. Understandably they're not perfect, and the KEFs exposed some edginess and harshness, but that's a strength not a weakness. While it may seem that a subwoofer would be required for a bookshelf speaker, I thought the bass from the iQ30s was adequate. The iQ30s sound best on speaker stands placed at ear level while listening to get the best bass and imaging. The iQ30s have a low sensitivity spec of 89 dB, but my Yamaha stereo power amp with 70-watts x 2 easily reproduced dynamic musical peaks. Conclusion Two thumbs up! The KEF iQ30s are one of best bookshelf speakers I've tested and are a great value priced at $599.00 per pair. They have a neutral sound quality with little coloration and are easy to listen to with all kinds of music. Whether you're a casual or critical listener, the iQ30s have something every music lover will enjoy. Specifications Design: Two-way bass reflex Drivers: 6.5" Uni-Q mid-bass and 0.75" aluminum dome tweeter with waveguide Crossover Frequency: 2.5kHz Sensitivity: 89dB Impedance: 8 Ohms Recommended Power: 15-120 watts Magnetic Shielding: Yes Frequency Range: 45Hz - 40KHz Dimensions (H x W x D) 14.4" x 8.7" x 12.9" Weight: 14.2 lbs. Finishes: Black Ash, Dark Apple, American Walnut Price: $599.95 per pair Contact:
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