Ken-Rad 12AX7 1950Nickel Carbon PlateSorry for typo in title--the 'new' Agon system does not all correction. For Sale: Pair of Ken-Rad 12AX7. I can do discount package deal with my other tubes for sale. Date Codes are '0-48 and and...80.00

Ken-Rad 12AX7 1950 Nickel Carbon Plate Earlyiest 12AX7. Rare. Unique sound [Expired]

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Sorry for typo in title--the 'new' Agon system does not all correction. For Sale: Pair of Ken-Rad 12AX7. I can do discount package deal with my other tubes for sale. Date Codes are '0-48 and and 0-35 (1950 made a few weeks apart) Test Data are NOS specification and extremely well matched: Hickok TV-10/A/U (950 min mutual trans-conductance Gm; new spec is 2000-2200 based on vast testing): 2200/2200 2100/2100 EICO Dynamic Emission (120 is NOS spec relative to a new 12AX7) 138/138 138/138 Almost Matched 1950 date codes on both. These are used tubes that test like new with perfectly matched triodes on two testers that use the two best methods for tube testing. I have never had an issue when tubes test so well on these two testers. But--they are tubes, so Satisfaction guaranteed, of course. I have a few pairs besides these. Free ship in CONUSA, no PP fee. NOTE: BUY 2 PAIRS OF TUBES AND TAKE 10% OFF HE ORDER (SHIPPED FOR FREE AND NO PP FEE. BUY THREE PAIRS AND TAKE 20% OF TOTAL ORDER. I HAVE A VAST 12A*7 (12AU7, 12AX7, 12AT7) COLLECTION. JUST EMAIL ME AT DRUGHUNTER2@YAHOO.COM. I ALSO HAVE A SUPERIOR ECC88/ECC188 COLLECTION. With the data out of the way, here is some info on these rare tubes. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ My own text below: "Ken-Rad" developed its own 12AX7 in 1948 after the GE buyout occurred in 1945. But the early Owensboro, KY tubes still had the prior Ken-Rad quality. The 1949-1951 tubes like the one posted here are outstanding. Carbonized nickel plates, which is very rare construction. I liked these a lot, so I bought more than I could ever use. You can tell their unique construction by 2 features. 1) Carbonized nickel plates that look like 'gun metal' (though I have never held a gun--or seen one up close); 2) two small �dots� on the getter strip-crossbar. The top getter looks like a �true D-stirrup�. Ken-Rad apparently went to great engineering lengths to improve on RCA�s 12AX7 version, which is the �original� 12AX7 invented by RCA in 1947. Text from others below: Blog-Net descriptions below: �Exceptional clarity and extended low frequency response. The GE (i.e., Ken-Rad) Black plate 12AX7 (and 5751) have an enchanting and beautiful sound. Articulation is excellent. Sound stage is expansive and inclusive. As an all around tube you cannot go wrong with the GE Black Plates. They are great performers and very durable. Microphonics is rare in the GE line�again due to the excellent quality control. � Google this phrase: Oldstockaudio blogspot 12ax7-black-plate-review-usa-tubes This is a worthy pair to have in a 12AX7 rolling collection. When the European makers were still in the caves on small signal tubes, companies like Ken-Rad were making spectacular tubes in the golden age of USA vacuum tube technology from 1940-1960. There was intense competition from 1942-1952 for quality with RCA and Sylvania, as well as others. Amperex was not on the scene yet, nor Siemens or TFKN! These tubes for sale here represent the apex of that era, right in the middle of the �Golden Age�. Bass is profound, mids are lush and forward, upper extremes are fluid. A �powerful� sounding tube. This is the 'house' sound of Ken-Rad in KY plant (KENtucky RADio Inc.) Thanks
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