Kenwood 700CUpgraded to Max!Kenwood 700C Upgraded to Max!This price is firm and MORE than fair as he is losing a ton of money. As some of you know the parts in this beauty costs probably close to the selling price. The rating is mainly for age but it...1400.00

Kenwood 700C Upgraded to Max! [Expired]

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This price is firm and MORE than fair as he is losing a ton of money. As some of you know the parts in this beauty costs probably close to the selling price. The rating is mainly for age but it is not perfect either. However, as you can see from the pictures I think it looks very good. No major scratches or problems that I know of or see. I do not think there is an upgrade left worth doing. It has all TOP RATED electrolytic and film caps, including V-Caps (teflon) and Sonic Craft (teflon); Multi-Cap; Sonic Craft Gen. II and etc. films. Electrolytic caps are Blackgate N, K, STD; Nichicon Muse KZ; Elna Silmic II and etc. caps. Too much wire to count with almost all the wire upgraded to either Neotech solid silver or copper, Auri Wire stranded copper and etc. wire. There are many 1% metal film resistors in key areas using these brands: IRC; PRP and Holco in both 1/2, 1 and 3 watt sizes. I used ESR paper on caps and some wires and plates with dampening material in some places. One thing of note I did remove or disconnected the headphone volume pot but the headphone plug still works. The pot was just adding noise and was not much use. It has a Furutech IEC with 18ga solid Neotech copper feeding the power switch. I placed 3 pairs of CNC RCA's and 5 pairs of gold plated RCA's. It has a killer Elma volume attenuator that lowers the noise floor even more and gives great control and wonderful sound. I did a lot to bring the noise floor down as far as possible without doing power supply mods, but I did do upgrades to ALL sections. The phono section is very nice and has one set of the Teflon caps in it and the other is in the preamp section. It has some of the best fast slow recovery diodes in it (8 of them) too. I think this thing is absolutely killer and he said he does too but wanted to go with tubes for a while. No worries on the outside it looks the same and I did not do any mods on the inside besides a few things to lower the noise floor. For anyone who has one of these they know those stupid plug-in connectors can get noisy, so all but 5 have been removed. If you have one of these do not clean them or they will make a constant noise - leave them alone unless you want to take them out. It takes a ton of wire and work but well worth the sound. Yes, of course, I increased the main power supply caps to 10000uF's. < The sound is KILLER with a good full warm sound with a much lower noise floor. Of course, it is not as laid back as stock with all the better caps, resistors and wire but it is much smoother with much better detail and can be listened too all day long. Everyone knows how much these are desired already but now with all these upgrades it is more than a killer preamp of the past. If I had the money to buy this back it would never see this site again, I promise. The sound is just unbelievable and I have heard and worked on some of the best preamps made and this one is right there ahead of most of them. I cannot say it is the best because that would be a lie unless I was able to put them all in the same room with the same everything else and do a side by side. Yes, it is that good and it has 3 loudness places 1, 2 and off and enough inputs to run a small audio shop. The owner also told me he would consider a trade on a Meridian F80. To me this is the difference between killer analog music to the over priced stuff of today. Sorry but that is the truth in my humble opinion. I will be glad to answer any questions with serious buyers. I will try to help everyone but please understand be serious and if you make a promise please have the manners to follow through or at least call back. I understand things happen because they happen to me too. Thanks for your understanding and kindness. 865 463-0743 EST 10am to 9pm, Monday through Saturday Let us remember our troops and their families at this time of year as well. May God Bless America and Keep Our Troops Safe! Buyer must pay all shipping charges and I pack with only some of the best packing material meaning NO paper at all! Payment can be made by Paypal (buyer must pay 3% and have a confirmed address), money order or personal check. All payments must clear before I will ship. Enjoy the music and be safe!
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