KENWOOD equalizer + AmpKGC-4032 9-Band 40 Watts~[ GOOD INFO: ]~ 9-Band Equalizer ½ DIN-size Slim Chassis Pre-Out / Power Fader ...49.00

KENWOOD equalizer + Amp KGC-4032 9-Band 40 Watts NIB NOS new old stock EQ car audio [Expired]

no longer for sale

~[ GOOD INFO: ]~ 9-Band Equalizer ½ DIN-size Slim Chassis Pre-Out / Power Fader Total Output Power: 40 Watts RCA Input & Output Former LIST: $149.oo / 1999 $180.oo ~ 220.oo This unit was never Sold from a former Retail/Audio inventory, ((( *SEE PHOTOS ))). So other than providing a*direct link for specific information, you shouldn't need any more than Clik’ing on a recent ebay Closing, which serves as a recent Value comparison, ...( $122 Closing for a used unit ) "SWEEP IT"~[ ]~ -----------{ **hoping to correct the absence of Photos }----------- I'm making this one available for $99, & like going back `in time to buy it NEW, ~AND~ I pay for the FedEx Charges to get it to you, reinforced w/ Foam rubber packing! “It’s NEW”, so why AS IS ? … hey’, I love classic audio, and tend to favor the integrity of the classics. Therefore, I’ve no intention of hiding a known issue, but being that this is the sale of a piece of equipment which involves some experience in wiring, I must place the dreaded “AS IS”, meaning that I cannot include a warranty nor offer buyer protection as you might find at Best Buys or Wal-Mart. In offering such equipment, wherein there is a possibility of user error, you should have this unit installed, either into your new or existing system, by a professional.This does not diminish the fact that a buyer's satisfaction is important to me and, for most of my 11 years ‘on the Bay, I've found nothing but integrity w/ fellow audio advocates. And though you may 'loath' ebay like NEWMAN loathes JERRY, ...please go there' & look me up, (spkrfiend) to review some of my history.
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