KrautWire®PassionKrautWire® PassionKrautWire® audio cables are the result of years of intense development, ongoing since 1993. Company name is based on Mr. Frantisek Kraut - who started this business 19 years ago with my small he...1550.00

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KrautWire® audio cables are the result of years of intense development, ongoing since 1993. Company name is based on Mr. Frantisek Kraut - who started this business 19 years ago with my small help. During the course were used all knowledge's and possibilities of conductors production in the world in general. When designing cables were respected as the results of electrical measurements and long-term listening tests on a very wide range of audio equipment conducted by a team of skilled associates specialized magazines and audio studios. Our main objective was to achieve the best features of wires in absolute terms - that is unrivaled in uncompromising sound as well as mechanical construction. Our philosophy is a proven fact that, figuratively speaking, the best cable is no cable. We reject the theory tuned to adjust the cables to measure the components of questionable quality. The cable should not inherently retouch device flaws, but only to pass on information unchanged. This contributes to the materials and geometry KrautWire cables. Used are silver signal conductors of the highest attainable purity. On some models for even greater increase in stability and unlimited lifetime we use 24 carat gold. And in both solid and deposited on silver wires. For other models we utilize hybrid irreplaceable properties of Cu / Ag conductors. As insulation we use only top dielectric properties of Teflon™ (DuPont registered trademark). Teflon is applied to the wires by the Rosendahl machine. In the case of gold and gilded wires are used the best dielectric properties of air in combination with a cold Teflon apply. The high quality of products completes using of quality Neutrik and WBT connectors. Each assembled set is sonically tested and verified by measurement. Passion Passion interconnect cable is the result of years of development. The materials and geometry in response to the deteriorating air electro smog (mobile telephone networks, etc.), utilizes the latest knowledge to combat it, together with long-time proven principles of construction of the connecting cable. The base is made of solid wire (solid core) twice electrolyzed sterling silver of the highest attainable purity (5N). It has consistently maintained the principle of contact with the conductive layer Teflon ® (DuPont). The special geometry of the shielding is quadruple - own internal geometry of conductors, shielding braid and two layers - one classical foil and one from special shielding fabric used for military purposes in the shielding area with the greatest secrecy - efficiency is up to 20GHz with 110 db of attenuation. This material is the world's first used in the audio cable industry. As with all versions of RCA interconnect cables KrautWire geometry is directional by involvement of ground - it means that it is actually pseudo-symmetric. This avoids the problems with ground loops and any external interference field is eliminated. In conjunction with the one-point ground connectors (WBT NextGen) cannot even theoretically interference occur - it is short circuiting at one point, so it can't transmit. KrautWire Passion is designed as a universal cable for demanding use, how the turntables, where quality is due to low voltages and currents being most beneficial to the SACD, DVD Audio, or CD players, and not least to the amplifiers. Passion cable is manufactured by hand in both RCA and XLR in version, so to manufacture the highest length is 2.5 m. Sound characteristics Revolutionary shield bearing fruit in a very quiet signal background. All music events are the more pronounced by unrivaled precision, with phenomenal dynamics, neutral and exceptionally clean with perfect localization finest details in three-dimensional holographic space. The whole spectrum is transferred without loss from the deepest to the highest heights sub bass and transients. Technical specification • special geometry, using a principles of cross-twin (the directional RCA) • super pure silver (99.999%), 2 electrolyzed, solid core • quadruple shielding - geometry, foil, wrap, special shielding fabric (effective 110 db to 20GHz) • dielectric from Teflon® DuPont™ • handwork (max length 2.5m, e.g. 8.2 ft) • capacity of 125 pF/m • inductance of 0.21 μH/m • resistance 44 mOhm/m • connectors WBT Nextgen Ag • Passion Pro – XLR version • length can be on request (default 0.8m, 2.62 ft.) We can accept PayPal, or International Wire Money Transfer payment. Unfortunately we can't accept bank check now. If you have questions, don't hesitate contact me: mirek (at)
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