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Linar Audio Class A 50wpc Class A amp [Expired]

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Washington DC / Baltimore / Northern Virginia
Come visit our high end audio showrooms open every day except Sunday.

The largest web site in High End Audio
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Why a Class A amplifier ?

This sort of class in power amplifiers refers to the class of operation of the output stage transistors. As we are using the latest MosFet output transistor generation, to use them in class A is optimizing the operation point by increasing the current through the output stage. Class A is also giving another possibility to the designer to do a better sounding amplifier than in another class of operation. *Facility of bridging mode 200 Watts at 8 ohms Linar uses the best technique for this mode we called it Balanced Monaural Amplifier by driving the same signal to the inverting of one channel and the uninverting of the other channel we connect both channels in balanced mode from input to output creating a monster amplifier of 200 watts. The result is incomparable sound reproduction. *Straight forward design without any coupling capacitors or any capacitors in the signal path avoiding limitation in the bass frequencies. *Balanced and unbalanced facility the user can choose also between inverting or un inverting inputs. *The Linar Class A uses 0db feedback and is able to drive any speaker load available in the market. Its remarkable ability to drive a capacitive load with extraordinary stability makes Linar unique in this type of amp. *Advanced soft start circuit and instant off limiting the in rush current and avoiding any noise to the speaker when turning on/off as well avoiding damage of the AC components. The circuit is monitoring the output stages and when the circuit senses any DC voltage the amplifier will turn off automatically to protect speakers and the audio circuitry. *The Linar Class A is fully complementary design from input to output *Size of power transformer 2x750 VA total 1500 VA toroidal transformers made by Plitron for Linar Audio Low noise series *Input type device - Matched Jfet *Output type device - the latest generation Mosfet output Transistor *Binding post type - WBT model 0765 safety line *Custom made heat sink with engraved surface multiplying by 2 the heat sink area • Machined RCA connectors with Teflon isolation. • The Linar Class A amplifier is a pure class A amplifier . Linar Class A specifications Output power at 8 ohms 50 WPC Output power at 4 ohms 100 Watts Output power at 2 ohms 200 Watts Output power at 1 ohms 400 Watts Total harmonic distortion 20-20khz worst-case 0.4% (typically 0.05%) Total intermodulation distortion typically 0.05% with combination of any 2 frequencies - note 1 Noise -110 db below max power Frequency response 1Hz-250 Khz +0-3db Input impedance 53.3 Kohms Output impedance 0.016 Ohm Damping Factor Better than 500 Input sensitivity RCA inputs 0.7 Volts Rms (for max power) Balance input sensitivity 0.35 Volt Rms (for max power) Gain 30 time the input signal or 29db Channel separation

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