Lindemann820SNOTE: Will consider partial barter / cash arrangement for Leica gear or wristwatch (Rolex, Panerai, etc) proposals towards acquisition of player. The Lindemann 820S was recently the flagship dig...11000.00

Lindemann 820S SACD player [Expired]

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NOTE: Will consider partial barter / cash arrangement for Leica gear or wristwatch (Rolex, Panerai, etc) proposals towards acquisition of player. The Lindemann 820S was recently the flagship digital component in the Lindemann line. At its original price of just under $23k it was a giant killer and easily rivaled digital playback systems costing upwards of $80-100k (particularly in the mid-range through deep bass frequency range). Lindemann Audio is a small boutique manufacturer based in Germany. While very respected overseas, they are not widely known here in the US. With that in mind, they produce limited production components in house. Their combined world sales numbers could no longer justify the substantial SACD licensing fee imposed upon manufacturers of DSD (SACD) technology and thus the decision was made to drop the flagship 820S from the Lindemann line. Using a separate laser assembly for both its DSD (SACD) & Redbook 16/44 playback (via Sony's flagship transport), this machine is unique in that its DAC up-samples Redbook cd, from 16/44 up to 24/176 high-res output. It is important to note that the 820S plays back each format in its native codec -- as opposed to the Esoteric and EMM flagships. Furthermore, it can accept (3) SPDIF and (1) AESEBU digital inputs from other digital sources (a computer for instance). It further distinguishes itself from other "premium" players in that it utilizes two separate power supplies (requiring 2 AC cords), one for its analog circuitry and one for its digital. Despite its state of the art sophistication, Lindemann maintained a very simple and elegant aesthetic within its single chassis design (along with its separate power supply). This particular unit is in truly MINT condition. It will come complete with remote control, original owner's manual & power supply. Also includes one year warranty. It will honestly run circles around several "holy grail" players that cost upwards of 5x the retail price of the 820S. Paypal add 3.5%. Here are a few excerpts from reviews of the 820S: After several weeks of critical listening, I’ve concluded exactly what I thought after the first five minutes – this is one of the best CD/SACD players on the planet, and a bargain to boot, at least in terms of high-end pricing... FINAL CONCLUSION I give the Lindemann 820S an unequivocal and enthusiastic endorsement – no hedging or mealy-mouthed qualifications. Let me say that again in another way. This is among the best players on the planet and is a bargain compared to many ultra-high-end players. Let me say it once more another way: I didn’t want to let this baby go even though I already own a specially tweaked and modded version of one of my favorite players. My experience with the 820S clearly has me wanting to hear more Lindemann components. Their engineers obviously have a darn good idea of what they’re doing. …the Lindemann 820 should become the Holy Grail of digital playback. Even before examining its SACD performance, its Redbook performance alone is sufficient justification for owning one. Unlike the EMM labs that converts Redbook to DSD, the Lindemann keeps Redbook intact, but up-samples it very effectively. I have many thousands of Redbook CD's and damned if they ALL don't sound hugely better on the Lindemann. Not sure why …not sure if I care why …I will write of technical details in future articles. And SACD performance? Finally, after all these years of yearning and digital malnutrition we are getting to the blood, sinew, and viscera of the musical experience …to tears and sweat and hot flesh …to freshly baked pan rustica sopping up meat juices …to a long, quenching draught of cool ale, made with only water, malt, yeast and hops. If you need to have your heart touched as much as your head come visit the Lindemann 820. She will kiss your lips and let you peak down the front of her blouse… If the EMM Labs is the brilliant but somewhat aloof German scientist of pop film fame, the Lindemann is his equally brilliant, but lusty and busty blonde assistant, who can do virtually everything the professor does, while demurely making you want to spend all your time and money just occupying the same space and breathing the same air. Is there a downside? Sadly, yes there is. This is a very expensive SACD player. How expensive? Well, we are not exactly sure, because US distribution is not sorted out yet, but assume five figures. I am not saying it's not worth it. It clearly is. But if this player were positioned in the five to eight thousand dollar range, it would revolutionize SACD playback and Lindemann would not be able to make them fast enough.
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