Linn Audio of NHReference GraniteLinn Audio of NH Reference Granite Mahogany BeautiesLinn Audio Reference Granite SpeakersLinn Audio of New Hampshire-Reference Granite Speakers-Original prototypes-ONE OF A KIND!There were only two of this style prototypes made and the other pair wa...9999.00

Linn Audio of NH Reference Granite Mahogany Beauties [Expired]

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Linn Audio Reference Granite Speakers

Linn Audio of New Hampshire-Reference Granite Speakers-Original prototypes-ONE OF A KIND!

There were only two of this style prototypes made and the other pair was Black. Emphasis was put into the Electronics and the cabinet design and not so much into the finish. So they are not showroom quality but a lot of work has gone into removing most imperfections in the veneer and have been freshly stained and oiled.

Professional re-veneering could be done I believe for under $3000. If placed behind a wall or a curtain in a custom home theater there would be no need for this. I would be willing to secure quotes for a local buyer as I have contacts in this field.

A Must Have for Any Home Theater

Simply Stunning with Exceptional Sound
More Pics Available Upon Request
These are speakers for a lifetime!

Linn Audio Reference Granite "Mega Speakers"

3 years old with extremely low hours. Not even broke in yet. The same drivers and sonic purity as the later $60,000 production model. A 7 out of 10 not because of damage or abuse, but because of imperfections in the veneering process and not as refined of a finish on the trim work. Initial priority was given to the quality of the drivers and the cabinet design. These imperfections in the veneer left them off the showroom floor, but were used as demos from an authorized dealer. Over 25 hours of restoration have gone into the gorgeous flat-cut African Mahogany cabinets. They are as impressive to look at, as they are to listen to.

Kings of Sound---They will make you say, "WOW!" when listening to music and your head will swivel in your home theater. Tall (all 6 feet and 8 inches)and heavy (600lbs ea.), the asymmetrical hexagon cabinet design has extensive internal cross bracing and the walls range from 1-4 inches thick to handle the 1000 watt maximum output.

Bi-wire/Bi-amp capability

A very high (97db) efficiency design allows them to be used with lower power and tube amps.

The twin front ported cabinet has DUAL 15" woofers, 4" ribbon wound voice coil and 20lb magnets going down to 18 Hz. 4 magnetic grills cover the low bass drivers.

Solid cast aluminum horn with a 1" throat and neodymium magnet.

Dual 2 ½" ribbon tweeters with heavy neodymium magnets going up to 40,000 KHz.

Comes with original shipping crates.

More pictures are available.

For history and more technical details you may go to the Linn Audio of New Hampshire website.

Demos by appointment.

Please feel free to contact me by phone if you have any questions and require more information on these unbelievable speakers 7-six- three-two-2-6-4-five-six-7
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