LINNCD12LINN CD12 CLASSIC REFERENCE CD PLAYERLINN CD12 REFERENCE CD PLAYER NEAR-MINT CONDITION, with FLIGHT CASE This CD12 sn177 belongs to a client who has moved on. We are selling it for him at a huge discount – the original list pr...7050.00


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LINN CD12 REFERENCE CD PLAYER NEAR-MINT CONDITION, with FLIGHT CASE This CD12 sn177 belongs to a client who has moved on. We are selling it for him at a huge discount – the original list price was $20,000.00!! SOUND QUALITY AS NEW A COUPLE OF TINY MARKS - OTHERWISE CONDITION IS SUPERB THIS IS A RARE OPPORTUNITY TO OWN THE LEGENDARY CD12 AT A RIDICULOUSLY LOW PRICE!! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ UNANIMOUS REVIEWS AROUND THE WORLD: “Immediately upon removal from its flight case, you sense greatness...A thing of beauty? So clean, so uncluttered, so perfect is the look of the CD12 that people with any semblance of taste are predisposed toward it without any verbal inducement from a salesperson or otherwise. It is…so right that all other CD players are rendered instantly and forever ugly. At no point does the CD12 sound so, uh, digital. It recreates space, it doesn't tamper with textures. It takes full advantage of the background silence offered by CD...The CD12's supremacy is so audible as to be indisputable by all but Linn's rivals; none of them will be able to overcome their egos to give credit where it's due, to acknowledge the achievement of a competitor...this isn't just top-grade data conversion; it's religious conversion”. Ken Kessler, HiFi News “I'm willing to go out on a limb and declare the Linn CD12 CD player a future classic - a product that will be venerated decades from now as the pinnacle of CD playback. Many of the world's most expensive and ambitious digital sources have come and gone through my system over that past 16 years. Hearing the CD12 again was like taking a breath of fresh air…listen to the music, and the CD12 is without peer." TAS Retrospective "It's hard to describe the sound of the CD12 because I have the impression that it had virtually no sound of its own. What I can describe, however, is the extraordinary musical involvement this player engendered. Seconds after pressing the Play button, the CD12 revealed itself to be magical in its ability to captivate me musically. The CD12 didn't sound like digital, nor did it sound like analog - it was simply a medium that communicated to me whatever musical expression was the source." TAS Golden Ear Award "..I decided I couldn't part with the Linn CD12 player after spending several months listening to haven't heard what's on your CDs until you have listened to them on the CD12...the Linn CD12 offers the best playback available of that format...the Linn CD12 simply is the finest 44.1kHz/16-bit device available." Positive Feedback "The CD12 is not only a beguilingly, mellifluously, musical and melodic player, it's also a festival of the senses too. By this I mean it's amazingly good at reproducing the texture and grain of individual instruments, voices and sounds. Instead of sounding like an approximation of a trumpet, the CD12 actually sounds like a real one. The CD12 is far more texturally accurate than any other CD player I've heard...The CD12 hangs all the elements in the mix into a wide, expansive frame with an almost architectural precision... It's awesome. It's stunning. It's incredibly lifelike . It makes you get into the groove, love your CD collection and spin your digital discs all night." Hi-Fi World. “Incredibly precise construction, hard-to-beat low-jitter performance, highest density of musical information ever heard, probably the best CD-player in the world, and definitely our new reference standard. State of the art." Audiophile (Germany) “The CD12’s ability to reproduce the finest in musical subtleties is unmatched by any other player that I have heard. It is void of the synthetic reproduced sound that CD playback has been plagued with since its inception. It personifies the essence of vinyl without the many negative characteristics associated with the old format....I enjoyed my music more with the CD12 than I ever have before. The best way to sum it up is, if $20,000 doesn’t sound like an insurmountable amount of money to you, it could be time to own this player. The Linn Sondek CD12 is most definitely capable of musically taking your breath away." “All in all, the Linn is the closest I've ever heard digital come to the best analogue in every way –especially its ability to capture the flow of the music. The CD12 sings like no other CD player I've ever heard, and the next best doesn't even come close.” Listener Magazine “The CD12 was very different-sounding than any other top-flight digital sources I've had in my listening room. The best analogy I can think of is the feeling you get for the first few minutes when listening to an orchestra after hearing lots of recorded music. That's exactly how I felt about the CD12; its presentation reminded me of hearing live music in a concert hall. In addition, it has a harmonic coherence that was totally devoid of the mechanical character so often heard on digital playback. In fact, I'll go so fat as to say the Sondek CD12's rendering of timbre is state-of-the-art, and by a significant margin. The sense of bloom, space, depth and air were all world-class. Moreover, the CD12 resolved hall ambience way down in level, with a warmth of reverberant decay one usually hears only from the analogue master tape, not CD. The overall design and execution are unlike any other product I've had my hands on. The unit's build quality, particularly the high-precision metal work, cannot be over-praised…. The Linn Sondek CD12 is without equal.” Fi Magazine. “The Sondek CD12 had a sense of ease that was nothing short of remarkable...The Linn Sondek CD12 is the best player I've ever heard, and the one I'd want to listen to every day.” Stereophile ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The CD12 represents the very cutting edge in precision digital engineering and CD replay performance. Every bit of the CD12 is original and new. To realize its “no holds barred”, “4D” design objective completely, Linn engineers developed a new type of CD engine to transport the disc, and completely new techniques for jitterless information retrieval, decoding and subsequent audio processing. For the ultimate in performance and longevity, all the main mechanical components in this product are machined from solid high-tensile aluminum ingots. Each of the two parts making up the CD12 casework is machined from a solid ingot of aluminum and then hard anodized. As undeniably beautiful as this is, it is secondary to its main function, which is to isolate the circuitry from the outside world. The considerable mass of the metal that forms the CD12 casework provides the internal circuitry with almost total isolation from the outside world. In addition to the powerful new remote-control handset, the CD12 can be operated directly from the front panel. With no visible controls, disc loading and retrieval, play, skip and pause functions can be achieved simply by pressing on the leading edge of the patented “smart-drawer”. SHIPPING INFO: Your CD12 will ship in 2 cartons - one for the CD12, one for the flight case, combined weight 50lbs. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Buy with confidence from EarsNova (, now in our 33rd year! Questions? Please call us at 212.288.2855, or email PLEASE DO NOT BID IF YOU ARE UNWILLING TO ACCEPT THESE TERMS: • Domestic payments by check, money order, or bank wire (no PayPal) • Checks, etc. must be sent via expedited service (FedEx, UPS, etc) to our street address • International payments via wire transfer only, fee $50- • International buyers must confirm shipping charges with us before bidding • Credit cards are accepted in person only, add 3% • NYS sales add sales tax • We ship within 8 business days of receipt of wire or check • All shipments require delivery signature
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