LinnIkemiLinn Ikemi Beautiful ConditionThe Much Sought After Linn Ikemi CD Player in excellent condition. You don't find many of these up for sale - most people who get their hands on one never let it go. I am the original owner o...1310.00

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Linn Ikemi Beautiful Condition [Expired]

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Serial Number 001175
I retrieved the Ikemi from my storage facility. The unit is playing beautifully in my listening room at this moment -
confirmed that the remote, in new condition, works perfectly. I have the original manual, power cord and interconnects (Linn Black). The packaging has suffered somewhat over the years, but is still serviceable and will be augmented with a second outer box for maximum assurance of safety.

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The Much Sought After Linn Ikemi CD Player in excellent condition. You don't find many of these up for sale - most people who get their hands on one never let it go. I am the original owner of this piece - the included orignal packing shows it shipped from Linn to me.  I used this unit in my role as Sales Manager for Linn, Inc, the US distributor at the time.  I took this unit to a several different retailers, so it's travelled, but had very limited use. Mostly it's been in storage. It's in perfect working order. I am grading this low, but under normal conditions it looks as good as any new equipment in my rack. I have shown up the minor blemishes as well as possible in photographs to ensure the buyer will not be disappointed, but rather pleasantly surprised with how good this looks.   Apart from the legendary CD12, this player has the most satisfying mechanism/interface of any disc player I've ever used.  The mech isn't Sony or Phillips, but 100% custom Linn made, with a drawer machined from a solid billet of aluminium.  This player was the "trickle-down" from the extensive development done for the CD12 project, and provides many of the sonic qualities at a drastically reduced price.  (The CD12 went for $20,000 back in 2003). I have posted high-resolution photos showing all distinguishable faults - overall this is a very clean player in excellent aesthetic (and mechanical) condition. Review from  UHF MAG:  "There are other good, even excellent, players, but the Ikemi is one of those truly superb products that comes along only now and then." I have the original packaging which has proven worthy, but will double-box to do everything in my power to ensure safe delivery. US Retail $3495 at launch. KEY FEATURES INCLUDE  ❙ High performance CD player ❙ Linn ‘2-D’ digital signal processing for lowest possible jitter ❙ 24-bit Delta-Sigma Digital-Analogue Conversion ❙ HDCD capability ❙ Precision-machined drawer and advanced disc transport ❙ Linn proprietary Brilliant silent power supply technology  ❙ Linn proprietary Remote-In / Remote-Out functionality allowing connection to Linn Knekt Multi-Room System ❙ Optional RS232 communications module allowing software upgrades and connection to home entertainment and automation systems ❙ Balanced analogue audio outputs to allow high quality signals to be distributed over long distances Benefiting from experience acquired in designing the revolutionary Linn Sondek CD12, the all new Ikemi, high performance component CD player uses unique new Linn low-jitter ‘2-D’ conversion technology. Outstanding performance from both balanced and single-ended outputs also help to make the Ikemi a most versatile CD player. The slim machined-from-solid aluminium drawer is the only external visible sign of a completely new and beautifully engineered CD mechanism called the Mekto. The ingenious Mekto CD transport design centres on a rigid circuit board which locates all the servos, decoding and control circuits, software, motors, pulleys, belts and optical sensors needed to support the disc loading, decoding and playback process. The digital audio signals from the Mekto ‘CD engine’ are fed directly to the ‘audio module’ containing the ‘2-D’ digital signal processing algorithms, D/A converters, master clock, filters, output circuits and power supply regulators. High density surface mount circuitry keeps the signal paths both short and direct, ensuring an electrically quiet product with a high immunity to external electrical disturbance. Standard and proprietary interfaces allow the Ikemi to be connected to a wide range of equipment. SPDIF, AES/EBU and TOSLINK outputs allow connection to home entertainment systems, whilst Linn Remote-In / Remote-Out connections can link the Ikemi to the Linn Knekt system. With 2 types of analogue audio outputs this makes the Ikemi a most advanced specialised CD Player ‘Clyde Built’ to please enthusiastic music lovers. IKEMI TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION CD player ❙ Introduced 1999 ❙ Type CD player or transport ❙ Analogue outputs Two pairs single-ended stereo analogue audio outputs ❙ Output level 2Vrms (peak code) : 4Vrms between Hot and Cold (peak code), 2Vrms between Hot and Shield, and Cold and Shield  Left & Right Balanced Analogue Audio Output Level ❙ Digital outputs SPDIF digital audio electrical output with Sync LinkTM AES/EBU digital audio electrical output TOSLINKTM Digital Audio optical output  ❙ Conversion technology Delta-Sigma at 24-bit resolution with HDCD® decoding  ❙ Mains supply Brilliant Slimline Power Supply  ❙ Power consumption 20VA approx  ❙ Size W 320mm x D 326mm x H 80mm  W 12.6 inches x D 12.8 inches x H 3.1 inches  ❙ Weight 4kg / 8.8lbs
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