GEMME AUDIOVFlex Katana 2.0 Speakers (Piano Black)GEMME AUDIO VFlex Katana 2.0 Speakers (Piano Black) – Excellent Condition; 1 yr. Warranty; 70% OffGEMME AUDIO VFlex Katana 2.0 Speakers (Piano Black) – Excellent Condition; 1 yr. Warranty; 70% Off MSRP: $12995.00 USDpcX Price: $3899.95 USD..........70% Off RetailGemme Audio new Katana loudspeak...3899.95

GEMME AUDIO VFlex Katana 2.0 Speakers (Piano Black) – Excellent Condition; 1 yr. Warranty; 70% Off

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Package dimensions18.0" × 8.0" × 40.0" (100.0 lbs.)
18.0" × 8.0" × 40.0" (100.0 lbs.)
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GEMME AUDIO VFlex Katana 2.0 Speakers (Piano Black) – Excellent Condition; 1 yr. Warranty; 70% Off

MSRP: $12995.00 USD

pcX Price: $3899.95 USD..........70% Off Retail

Gemme Audio new Katana loudspeaker sits at the top of the revolutionary VFlex line, setting new standards in accurate sound reproduction. 

Described as a horn/transmission-line hybrid technique, VFlex refers to the loading strategy developed to enhance the low-frequency output: smaller enclosure with a single and/or smaller drivers. 

VFlex has a compression chamber behind its midbass driver, and the horn’s throat is at the end of the chamber. The 6" horn, is folded within the cabinet. Unlike a typical horn, in which the mouth of the horn is large, in a VFlex speaker the horn ends in a "bandpass device", basically, a rear-firing port, that acts as a low-pass filter. 

Inside is a reflector plate that directs the movement of air to the bandpass device. The end result in the Katana is broad bass reinforcement from about 20 to 150Hz.

The VFlex bass port also offers flexibility by means of a tuning ring. Removing or inserting this ring alters the diameter of the port, and thus the amount of bass reinforcement, and can be used or not, depending on how the Katana interacts with the room. 

 Each Katana has a 1.5" Accuton-sourced tweeter and a 7" midrange-woofer driver, both concave ceramic domes. The drivers are crossed over at about 7.2kHz or 6kHz, depending on which binding posts are connected on the rear panel, there are two sets of tweeter posts, linked by jumper cables of Cardas wire. In both cases, simple first-order networks are used that result in a significant overlap of the drivers’ outputs. (First-order networks roll off at only 6dB/octave; if the tweeter starts to roll off at 7kHz, it’s down only 6dB at 3.5kHz.), the main difference between the crossover settings is a small bit of attenuation (about 1.5dB) from 5 to 10kHz on axis.


  • Two way, fullrange system

  • Easy on the amplifier first order crossover network

  • Mundorf Supreme and Goertz Copper Foil components

  • Anechoic response 36Hz to 20000Hz (-3dB)

  • Anechoic 20Hz level -12dB

  • Typical room response 28Hz to 20000Hz

  • Efficiency rating 88dB at 2.83 volts at 1 metre, anechoic

  • Minimum impedance 7 ohms @ 250Hz

  • Median impedance 10 ohms

  • Phase variation below 45 degrees from 20Hz to 20 000Hz

  • Extremely low distortion levels from 200 to 20 000Hz with 11.7 volts input: 0.56%

  • Minimum amplifier power 20w, maximum 200w, unclipped

  • User selectable hi-pass filter contour (using two pairs of connectors at the back)•

  • User adjustable bass contour through a modifiable back port

  • Low frequency unit: 7 inch Accuton Ceramic

  • High frequency unit: 1.25 inch Accuton Ceramic

  • Bass loading: Gemme Audio VFlex Extreme

  • Dimensions: 1020 x 200 x 460 mm (40 x 8 x 18 in.)

  • Weight (each speaker): 45.4 kg (100 lbs.)

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