QuadClassic 23LQuad Classic 23L New spkers w/warranty Save $1800.Ask us about 6 MONTHS NO PAYMENTS OR INTEREST thru PayPal I have bought the balance of the Quad Classic Signature 23L speakers and have great pricing on these while available. Only 3 pair left Avai...899.00

Quad Classic 23L New spkers w/warranty Save $1800. [Expired]

no longer for sale


I have bought the balance of the Quad Classic Signature 23L speakers and have great pricing on these while available. Only 3 pair left

Available in Red Sapele Mahogany @ $899.00 as shown

                            Five year factory warranty

The 23L is a 3-way 4 driver design, measuring up just below the 40" mark and housing the Classic L range’s 25mm fabric dome tweeter. A 125mm woven Kevlar cone handles midrange duties and an identically sized driver looks after mid/bass operations. There is an 6.5 auxiliary bass radiator on the bottom for extended bass output.

They are bi-wire capable and come with a nice built in base. The cabinet is a composite of high density chipboard laminate and MDF, which is intended to reduce cabinet coloration and provide sonic opacity while reducing the effects of resonance.

The 23L replaces the older 22L model that received many excellent
reviews and were big sellers for us. The $2700.00 23L is the 22L's direct
replacement. Quantities are limited to stock on hand and now only available in the Red Sapele Mahogany as shown. The 23L is like a larger 22L with greater dynamics and better resolution. 

From the Quad website:

Improving upon the past
The Quad 23L Classic floorstanding speaker, along with the rest of the L Classic series, combines years of Quad's engineering experience and has been vastly improved upon from it's predecessors. Specifically one of the major improvements is the mid-bass driver providing more of a linear motion and lower distortion. Another enhanced feature is the tweeter which utilizes a precision-engineered wave guide to coherently integrate the midrange and treble.

Listen to all of your music with improved sound
The 23L floorstanding speaker features a down-firing auxiliary bass radiator (ABR) to provide well extended and virtually uncolored low bass response, without the turbulence inherent of typical bass reflex designs. The L Series is also tonally balanced to suit virtually all genres of music and is unrivaled in its ability to retrieve nuances captured by the recording engineers. It provides an immersive sound experience for the listener while following Quad's tradition of 'the closest approach to the original sound'.

Utilizing bi-wiring technology
Like many of Quad's speakers, the 23L features a long-throw Kevlar driver manufactured using a proprietary bi-directional Kevlar weave, made from a self-damping resin-impregnated fiber form. The L Classic speakers all feature two pairs of binding posts for bi-wiring. This involves the use of two pairs of separate cables between the loudspeakers and the amplifier. One connects to the treble unit, while the other connects to the bass-midrange driving. By using separate cables for bass and treble units reduces intermodulation effects while improving sound dispersion and clarity.

  • General Description 3-way floor standing speaker
  • Enclosure Type Reflex box with auxiliary bass radiator (ABR)
  • ABR 6.5"
  • Bass/Mid Driver 5.25" woven Kevlar cone
  • Midrange Driver 5.25" woven Kevlar cone
  • Treble Driver 1.1"  fabric dome
  • Magnetic Shielding: No
  • Crossover Frequency 450Hz, 2.2kHz
  • Frequency Response (+/-3dB) 40Hz-23kHz
  • Sensitivity ([email protected]) 88dB
  • Recommended Amplifier Power 50-200W
  • Peak SPL 110dB
  • Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms
  • Minimum Impedance 4 Ohms
  • Bass Extension (-6dB) 35Hz
  • Size (H×W×D) 38.5" 9.2" × 13.16"
  • Net Weight 38 pounds each
  • Standard Accessories spikes, plinth, user manual, certificate, gloves

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