Mitchell & JohsonMJ2newMitchell & Johson MJ2 Hybrid Electrostatic HeadphoneMitchell & Johnson UK Hybrid Electrostatic Headphones Deliver The Highest Performance, No AC Power Required!Inspired by the sonic clarity and detail of electrostatic speakers, Essence is proud ...499.00

Mitchell & Johson MJ2 Hybrid Electrostatic Headphone [Expired]

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Mitchell & Johnson UK Hybrid Electrostatic Headphones Deliver The Highest Performance, No AC Power Required!

Inspired by the sonic clarity and detail of electrostatic speakers, Essence is proud to introduce the patented “Self-Powered” Mitchell & Johnson Hybrid Electrostatic Model MJ2 Headphone. Featuring a patented Nano-Particle infused diaphragm that can hold an electrical charge forever, Mitchell & Johnson electrostatic headphones, unlike all others, require no DC bias power supply, they are first of their kind in this price range.

  • Self-Biased Diaphragm, No Outboard Power Supply
  • Real wood sealed ear cups deliver the music with higher clarity, 6 Hz to 50 KHz 
  • Capable of 120 dB SPL.
  • Crafted from durable, high quality metal parts to guarantee years of use.
  • Leatherette Ear cushions designed for maximum comfort and seal, improving bass response.
  • Adjustable leather headband for all size heads and ears.
  • Closed acoustic design for powerful bass isolation; eliminates room reflections
  • Folding ear cups
  • Carrying case included

2-way Hybrid Electrostatic Design  

Most headphones on the market today fall into one of several categories: Electro-dynamic, Planar Ribbon, or Electrostatic (ESL). Knowledgeable audiophiles consider ESLs to be the best of all speaker types, with the highest quality of sound and least coloration.

The challenge has always been getting them to operate over the full bandwidth, produce great bass, be portable, and not cost a fortune. This required inventing a new diaphragm material infused with "nano-particles" that keep the diaphragm permanently charged, eliminating the DC Bias Charger / Amp that all competing electrostatic headphones still require to this day. It requires them to be plugged into an AC wall socket, making them all un-portable.

Except Mitchell & Johnson MJ2 and the other models in the line priced from $199 to $599. They’re less expensive because they get rid of the electronics.

By combining the best 40mm dynamic woofer with neodymium magnet set in an acoustically ideal sealed wood chamber for deep, articulate bass, crossing over to the electrostatic diaphragm at about 200 Hz to deliver a perfect blend of both technologies. The result is the finest headphone I’ve heard yet, with clarity and resolution equal to the best headphones available today without a lot of fuss.    

The extremely thin diaphragm of ESLs has a much lower mass than most other drivers and therefore conducts to velocity of dynamic response, meaning they’re faster because they’re lighter. They have no overhang, meaning they dont store energy.  ESLs have the absolute advantage on frequency response, both amplitude and phase, and musical transparency when compared to electro-dynamic and planar ribbon drivers. Note the specialized mounting angle of the drivers, they’re cleverly aimed into your ear canal to eliminate HRTF, Head Related Transfer Function. Wow. That’s a nice touch, none of the others thought about that.

Rave Reviews:

Outstanding Testimonials:

1.       Robert M., UK Consumer, Sept 2016 – November 19, 2016

Just got mine ! And from the listening I’ve done, they do not disappoint! They are how I remember them from the headphone expo in London a few months back! Very impressed and happy ! Robert, UK Consumer, Sept 2016


Rated 5 out of 5

Leon Everton, Audiophile Consumer, Sept 2016 – November 19, 2016

The headphones take you deep inside the song. You can hear things you have NEVER heard before. Colour me impressed and that’s after listening to 4 songs from out the box. The bass is definitely there (thank God) I am pleased it’s not totally flat sounding. Leon Everton, Audiophile Consumer, Sept 2016


Rated 5 out of 5

Doug Adams, Audiophile Consumer, Sept 2016 – November 19, 2016

With major burn in they sound smooth, natural, and distortion free. Amazing change. Love the M&J Electrostatz! Doug Adams, Audiophile Consumer, Sept 2016


Rated 5 out of 5

Andy Sutherland, UK Audiophile, Sept 2016 – November 19, 2016

My brother was using a straight up iPhone 6 with crappy 256k downloads from iTunes. I’m planning on bringing him along slowly so he can unleash much more potential out of his new cans. When he said that everything was better he was specifically speaking about the precision and balance. He thought the detail was astounding, particularly in the mids and highs. His tastes lean to acoustic and folk so it’s a perfect fit. Andy Sutherland, UK Audiophile, Sept 2016


Rated 5 out of 5

Georgio Catena, Audiophile Consumer, Sept 2016 – November 19, 2016

Received the headphones 4 weeks ago and after spending some hours listening music an streaming media using different dacs and other analog sources I can definitely say that it was a dramatic upgrade compared with my audio technica ath-909. Coupling them with mDSD DAC transformed the way i listen liquid music on my pcs and phones. Georgio Catena, Audiophile Consumer, Sept 2016


Rated 5 out of 5

Altan, UK Audiophile Consumer, Aug 2016 – November 18, 2016

Impressions so far can be described in one word as exceptional. No matter what kind of music I throw at it the sound that comes out is just right, near perfect, everything’s so well balanced, rich. Almost as if it has its own dynamic equalizer, automatically adjusting to my unique preferences for each song. More to come after I rediscover more of my favorite tunes. Altan, UK Audiophile Consumer, Aug 2016


Rated 5 out of 5

Noel Clarke, UK Audiophile Consumer, Sept 2016 – November 18, 2016

They give layers to songs that I never heard before. I can hear the drummer hit the skins in different places on fleetwood macs the chain. That’s how sensitive they are. I feel like I’m standing next to the actual drum. Really impressed with these. Currently listening to a James Blake The Wilheim scream and it’s giving different depths to my hearing experience. I’m really impressed Noel Clarke, UK Audiophile consumer, Sept 2016


Rated 5 out of 5

Nathan Wright, Headfonia, Feb 2016 – March 22, 2016

“if like me, you dig naturally clean, forward highs, great stereo detail, and with fast bass, chances are that you’ll really dig these MJ2 phones. ” Nathan Wright, Headfonia, Feb 2016


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