SteinMusicMusic Harmonizer H2SteinMusic Music Harmonizer H2 SIGNITURE Series System in WhiteThe Signature Series Harmonizer system features the new Signature Series Harmonizer A and B. The Signature series offers up even more of the rich, spacious and smooth sound that the standard Harmon...1395.00

SteinMusic Music Harmonizer H2 SIGNITURE Series System in White

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The Signature Series Harmonizer system features the new Signature Series Harmonizer A and B. The Signature series offers up even more of the rich, spacious and smooth sound that the standard Harmonizer System is known for.

The SteinMusic Signature Series Harmonizer System offers the most performance and flexibility as far as room treatments are concerned. Expect sweeter highs and more significant sense of bloom around instruments. More decay and shimmer too. Your system will sound freer, faster and clearer. 

The new package consists of
• 1x Harmonizer type A Signature Series
• 1x Harmonizer type B Signature Series
• 2x wall brackets and 2 Stands
• 2x Black Stones 

The New Stands - have been completely redesigned, using a 12 mm round polished metal bar and a black lacquered 20mm MDF base with rubber feet that work with any floor. The Harmonizers mount directly to the stands via a threaded insert and screw. 


The Absolute Sound's Jonathan Valin reviews the Harmonizer system: 

“I wish I could tell you why what happened, but I can’t. All I can tell you is that when these battery-powered cubes filled with a secret blend of crystals (in different mixes for box “a” and box “b”) are placed near the corners of the walls behind your speakers and angled in at about 45 degrees, with the little dials (marked “Intensity”) on their posteriors set to ten or ten-thirty, you get an effect akin to moving those walls back three or four feet. Add a couple more boxes near the corners across from your speakers, and you get another few feet of room renovation. Add a third pair on the sidewalls about midway through the room and pointing at each other, and the listening space expands again, so that the stereo image seems to float, unattached to drivers or enclosures, somewhere in front of the speakers, extending from there to well beyond the room’s physical boundaries."
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Dave Clark, Positive Feedback Online:

"So what do I hear with the Harmonizers? With a setup comprised of two H2A and two H2B Harmonizers (all running on batteries and mounted on stands at the suggested positions within the room) and the appropriate set of Magic Stones and four Blue Diamonds (also placed at the suggested locations within the room—approximately $5k for complete setup as used here)… simply put, not more thereness, but a startling sense of hereness. One is not so much transported to where the music was (a thereness like you are there), but the music is placed here out into the room… it is now here with you. The room, for me at least and the many who have visited and heard this, is simply removed from the equation." 

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