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Four channel preamp/DAC with room correction

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  Ask us about 6 months NO INTEREST & NO PAYMENTS thru PayPal

                  Free freight in the USA

  Great Anti-Mode 2.0 trades available-Call to discuss

   For a limited time we have them on sale at $450.00 off

The X4 is a full featured 4 channel remote controlled balanced preamp with exceptional DSD DAC and very high quality headphone amp. It will outperform most high end preamps as room correction is amazing and makes a far greater sonic upgrade than minor preamp differences. When combined with a great preamp and DAC the results are spectacular.

It has
7 digital inputs (3 coax, 3 optical and one asynchronous 32 bit 382k USB) and 3 analog ins (2 RCA & one XLR). It features a large internal power supply. It can be used as hi-end room correction only, a preamp with room correction or a preamp with DAC and room correction. It is a major step up over the original DSPeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 that we sold over 300 of. That product was and still is a revolution at its price. It was rated Stereophile Class A as well as receiving a Golden Ear from The Absolute Sound.

The 4 channel X4 can run subs and mains or be used to actively bi-amp your speakers. It has an internal parametric EQ and 6 presets for different tonal balances or for correction at different seating positions in the room. 

 It does automatic room correction with its included mic

Speaker-room interaction is typically the most
important performance-limiting factor of any high-end audio system.
Every listening space introduces errors that can be in the magnitude of
dozen of decibels or even more. These errors are most pronounced in the
bass and lower midrange regions, where the classic acoustic treatment
loses its effectiveness.

Anti-Mode X4 is DSPeaker's newest
loudspeaker and subwoofer optimization system is capable of perfecting the
acoustic performance of any full-range stereo audio system. It is based
on the new Anti-Mode 3 algorithm which refines the popular Anti-Mode
algorithm even further.

Anti-Mode X4 can be connected to almost every audio system.

Call us to discuss the superb preamp with DAC and room correction.


Technical Specifications

Digital Specifications

DSP Cores:

  • 1 x VS1205 (GUI & Firmware update USB)

  • 6 x VS1205 (Audio Inputs, processing)

  • 3 x Hi-Quality DAC (pre-selected), 3 x Hi-Quality ADC

DSP Firmware:

  • Anti-Mode 2.0 Multi-Rate (FIR & IIR)

  • House Curve, Linear-Phase Tilt, Parametric EQs

  • Adjustable Infrasonic

  • Adjustable cross-over

Analog specifications (typical)

  • Analog Output Dynamic Range: 126dB, THD: < 0.0008%

  • Analog Input SNR+THD: 104dB

  • Volume Control Steps: 0.5dB

  • Input Sensitivity XLR: 2.6/5.2/12.4 Vrms, RCA: 2.5/4.4/6.2 Vrms

  • Output Voltage Unbalanced RCA: 3.2/6.4 Vrms max

  • Output Voltage Balanced XLR: 6.4/14.0 Vrms max


  • 18.1" wide x 2.91" high x 12.3" deep


  • 2 x Stereo RCA inputs, Stereo XLR input

  • 2 independent analog outputs, both XLR and  RCA

  • 3x Coaxial and 3x Toslink S/PDIF digital inputs

  • Coaxial and Toslink S/PDIF digital outputs

  • USB Audio

  • Headphone output and Microphone input

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