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Viking Acoustics GOTTENBURG [Expired]

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Viking Acoustics

GOTTENBURG ODIN  Horn Loudspeaker

Designed to play the largest scale music without sonic compromise

Statement loudspeaker incorporating many acoustic innovations while using an absolute no-compromise approach to the components, construction, and design. The Gottenburg Odin's sonic abilities are virtually limitless.



$ 1/3 down payment, $ 1/3 payment in 60 days, $ 1/3 payment when ready to ship. Includes "White-Glove" Van delivery and set-up for USA and Canada otherwise shipped ocean or air frieght in wood crates on wheels.

Includes choice of 2.0Meter-5.0Meter Asymmetric Silver reference cables!

You choose the fine woods and color of the bronze horns and parts...Ready to deliver in 4-6 Months!

Free "white glove" van delivery and set-up for USA.


  • Viking's unique infinite horn configuration utilizes both front and back of the horn

  • Gottenburg Horn in Silica Bronze Alloy (choice patinas or high polish and metal colors such as gold, silver, natural bronze, or deep copper***

  • Drivers: 32" wide-band woofer + 7” (17.8 cm) full-range driver set in co-axial horn arrangement

  • Mystery horn super tweeter within the Norse sea dragons

  • Exclusive dual front mounted tonewood external & internal resonators

  • Finest internal components available by Duelund of Denmark

  • Many wood/inlay options (See wood options)

  • Bandwidth: 15 Hz-50,000 Hz +-1.5db!

  • Sensitivity: 102 dB (1w-1m)

  • Overall size: 71” (178 cm) high x 35” (89 cm) wide x 21.5” (55 cm) deep

  • Weight: 550 lbs (231 kg) each

  • $320,000 per pair