Audio Art Cablepower1 SEnewAudio Art Cable power1 SE High-End Power Cable Performance, Audio Art Price!Upgrading power cables can be a "last frontier" for many audiophiles looking to push the envelope in their their system's performance. And yet, this simple, highly effective upgrade makes for one...500.00

Audio Art Cable power1 SE High-End Power Cable Performance, Audio Art Price! [Expired]

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Upgrading power cables can be a "last frontier" for many audiophiles looking to push the envelope in their their system's performance. 

And yet, this simple, highly effective upgrade makes for one of the most dramatically audible improvements you will ever realize in your high fidelity listening experience.

We guarantee it, or your money back!

An Audio Art Cable exclusive, power 1SE features one of the finest high-performance audio AC plug sets in the world, Furutech's FI-28(R) rhodium plated copper plug set. 

It has also received unanimous praise from  from hi-fi enthusiasts around the world, many who own "cost no object" systems.   

power 1SE, as well as our other exclusive designs, have been honored with enthusiastic and overwhelmingly positive feedback from respected high-performance audio journals including Stereophile Magazine,, NewRecord,,,, Tone Audio,, Enjoy the, and more!     

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**We now are offering a power 1SE(G) variation of this cable, with a gold plated copper Furutech FI-28(G) plug set, plus a deep cryogenically treated version of the model, our 
brand new power 1ePlus.  Contact us for details!**

**Price listed in ad is for a 1.0m cord. Other lengths available**

In keeping with the philosophy of our other Signature Edition designs, we have created a power cable design which competes favorably with high-end power cords into the $1K / 1.0m price range.
Speed, control , unrestricted dynamics, slam, resolution, finesse, detail, ultra-black backgrounds and more!  It’s ALL here with the new power 1SE.

Our all new power 1SE features audiophile grade components and cable, superb quality design, hand assembled craftsmanship.  This cable truly offers upper echelon audio performance at an unbelievably low price, with absolutely zero compromises in cable or parts quality!
Simply put:  expect more of what Audio Art Cable has been delivering to high fidelity two channel audio and multi-channel home theater enthusiast market around the world for over 10 years now!  

Prepare to be Amazed.

Audio Art Cable's power 1SE boasts a level of audiophile grade quality, not to mention an incomparable hand crafted fit and finish typically found only in far more expensive, “name brand”, audio-boutique store cables.  You will be amazed at what high quality transmission of electrical current from power source to component will do for the overall performance of your system!
Power 1SE comes fitted with one of the finest high-end AC plug parts on the performance audiomarket today, Furutech’s incomparable FI-28(R) rhodium plated High Performance Male and IEC plugs.

The FI-28(R) features α (Alpha) pure-copper rhodium-plated conductors, a Floating Field Damper System, a super durable nylon/fiberglass body incorporating carbon particles that absorb vibration and resonance.  An internally mounted metal clamp assembly improves grip while reducing  mechanically and electrically induced distortion.

Furutech has renamed their patented Earth/Ground Jumper System to better describe the circuit’s engineering and effects.  Furutech’s Pure Transmission Philosophy and meticulous build quality is a large part of the engineering equation.  Furutech Pure Transmission technology turns a macro lens on every element of power and signal transfer applying optimized engineering solutions to well-known problems such as contact resistance, EMI and RFI rejection, grounding, and using the best materials and processes available.

The cable features twin ultra low inductance & resistance 11 gauge conductors, plus an 11 gauge ground made with Ultra High Purity, 99.99% OFC copper. Our cable is also fully shielded for superior noise rejection, with 110% coverage of a spiral wrapped Aluminum Mylar Shielding. Our proprietary architecture allows for unrestricted dynamics and current flow.

To summarize, power SE is a new flagship high-performance power cable that will perform beyond your wildest expectations, at an amazingly reasonable price.  It provides an excellent upgrade for preamps, power amplifiers, power distribution components, and digital source components!
From the new level of performance your system will attain, to truly superior cable quality, high-end, high-performance Furutech FI-28(R) plugs, exceptional hand crafted build quality, a sexy high-end look and feel, at an absolutely fabulous price…it’s all here, for a lot less money.
But then, what did you expect?

It’s Audio Art Cable. Connecting YOU…With the Music

Technical Specifications:
  • Ultra High Purity, 99.99% OFC copper
  • 110% coverage spiral wrapped Aluminum Mylar Shielding for superior noise rejection.
  • Twin ultra low inductance & resistance 11 gauge conductors, plus an 11 gauge ground.
  • Proprietary architecture allowing for unrestricted dynamics and current flow.
  • Noise canceling geometry.
  • Super Flexible PVC with Durable TechFlex® Jacket outer.
  • High-Performance Furutech FI-28(R) plugs.
  • 16 mm Diameter
  • Power cable performance & parts quality simply unheard of in this price range!!

What’s being said about power 1SE:
The midrange exploded with authority and detail. Leading-edge textures were made clear. Dynamics gained in both power and ease. There was a richness of information blossoming as the system discovered new-found detail and a more accurate presentation on spatial information, ambience recovery and hall acoustic cues. There was not one parameter left untouched. The system became less overt, more incidental and cohesive without losing any of its previous strengths. Consider me a convert here. These results indicate the need for a radical rethink of finance allotment for cable purchases. Consider the power cable a major power supply upgrade or modification. The benefits are that great.

…with many recordings, particularly instrumental ones with a broad dynamic sweep (read: symphonies), the Audio Art SE’s had me by the heart, if not by the short and curlys as well. I like that in a cable!  In this regard, in my current system(s), they surpassed [other well known] cables……which tended to sound broad-shouldered as ever, though a bit homogenized and somewhat dynamically lackluster by comparison.

…..WOW!!! I am overwhelmed by the improvement the [power 1SE] has made in a system that already sounded really good…..frankly I never believed power cables could make that much difference.  Boy was I wrong.  My system already sounded magnificent…[now there’s] quite a bit more detail, especially in the upper frequencies…..they’ve breathed a life into the music like I’ve never heard before. Vocals sound rich and meaty like a real person standing, breathing and singing in my living room. Ditto for instruments. The [SE cables] have imparted more realism to a degree I never thought possible. I couldn’t be more pleased….[plus] they look really cool plugged into my tube mono-blocks.  And, the improvement the IC-3SE’s have given me in sound quality is nothing short of amazing.  I’m astonished every time I listen to music. Even if [the Audio Art SE’s] cost 3 to 4 times more, I would have gotten my money’s worth.
David M., Baton Rouge, LA

I owe you a debt of gratitude for including the power 1SE in your original review samples. The Wyred 4 Sound article would not have been possible without it. The effect [on their STI-1000] was that significant. Already one person has caught on to that caveat and I’ve recommended they give your power cord a shot with their Bel Canto into their Maggies. That power 1SE is the gift that keeps giving. Take care,
Glen W., Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

Rob-- these cables of yours are rapidly becoming my favorites-- been listening through the last few hours to La Traviata with Pavarotti and Sutherland and then to Modern Day Drifter with Dierks Bentley-- lemme tell you-- they are really so balanced overall-- nothing stands out when it shouldn’t.  PLUS-- they really connect me emotionally because I forget about them quickly.  I can hear a lot of the effect of other cables I have here while I’m listening-- but with yours-- I definitely focus more on the music.
Man-- now that I got the preamp I like, the amp I like and the speakers I like-- and now maybe the wires-- what’s left?  Guess it’s time to get outta the hobby while I still got some money...
David A., Nashville, TN

Hi Rob- I’ve had my system up and running for about 2 months now, and I wanted to say THANK YOU again for all your help with my power cables! The 1SE in my basement system sounds wonderful (I can hear a difference!), and the Power 1 Classics for my subwoofers in the upstairs family room really brought out the LFE that I was missing. I like the 1SE because it is very smooth and reduced some of the harshness I was hearing before.
I do have 2 complaints, though:

1. I wish I would have found you sooner so I could have done all my speaker cables and interconnects with you!

2. I don’t have enough time as I’d like to enjoy the system, but that’s okay, because when I do have the time, it makes it that much better.

Oh well, with this hobby, there is always an itch to do something, so I’ll be back.
Thank you again, and Happy Holidays to you and your family!
Don B., Schaumburg, IL  

Hi Rob,  I’ve received my new brand cables, and I’d like let you know , I’m so happy to get them.  The sound is different , more pleasant ,more defined.  I don’t know how to explain in English  it , but I’m very satisfied with Audio Art Cable products.  [The cables] sound so good, looks so nice, and very high quality.  Thank you again.
Armando A., Sonora, Mexico

Hi Rob,  The [SE] power cables are throwing out a really big sound, really filling the room, great bass but still lots of detail…not harsh or bright, very smooth. Great product Thanks for your help.
James B., United Kingdom

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