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Technics RS-1500 Reel to Reel with Extras, Catch the new RtR wave [Expired]

no longer for sale

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Techniques 1500 real to reel tape recorder. 

I first realized how special this machine is when I visited the hi-fi show New York City last year.  Techniques had its own room where they were featuring all the new high-end audio products. Among all the gorgeous amps and preamps they had this machine as one of the primary sources. It caught my eye mostly because of the unusual tape head path with fine machined metal work which makes this machine look awesome.  Many people feel that real to reel tape machines are making a comeback much like vinyl did and this is your chance to get an exemplary machine before the prices get too high.

This particular example came to us from a collector who used very little. There are no significant where marks or scratches anywhere the face plate is in beautiful shape and all the knobs switches and buttons are intact. The meters are well lit and responsive and the tape heads engage quickly and responsibly. The fast forward and rewind functions and gauge almost instantly and the machine produces a clean stable sound with a few tapes that I have a run-through at the counter was not working so I installed a brand new counter drive belt and oiled all the necessary bits. While I did not test the record function since I don’t have any blank tapes there’s no reason to believe that it is not working if this is important to you let me know when I will find a way to test it. While the pay path may seem complicated there is a nifty diagram on the top cover and after a few tries he will be able to thread it without thinking about it.

This machine is capable of three speeds including 3 1/47 1/2 and 16 IPS. There is also a fine speed adjustment knob in the meter scale knob. There is also a nifty function that allows you to engage the tape heads while fast forward and rewind making it easy to find a specific spot on the tape.  It also features a 4 track stereo playback head. 

The machine features beautiful rosewood side panels and industrial looking grey finish on the front and anodized aluminum on the tape head. Overall it’s a striking looking machine which is sure to look amazing in your collection or system. Included in the sale is the machine with the appropriate power cord, two new aluminum take up reels and two hub adapters.

This machine will be double boxed to ensure safe transport. It is also available for audition or pick up in Ridgewood New Jersey or Union Square, New York City. Please call 646-852-2073 if you have any questions. Thank you for looking.

WHO WE ARE is a small startup business specializing in the purchase, reconditioning and reselling of select high end audio equipment.  We only buy equipment the we admire and are passionate about.  No mid-fi, no gimmicks and no junk.  

Each piece of equipment is cosmetically restored and fully tested in our well-equipped lab by an engineer with 30+ years of experience in the Hifi world.  If it does not meet or exceed the original manufactures specifications, it will not be sold.  We are select about the equipment we purchase, focusing on mostly analog, high-build quality, American and European built units.

Through our sister company, which is an authorized dealer for McIntosh, Audio Research, Sonus Faber, ClearAudio, Project and Sony ES, we have access to OEM parts and service support.  If you are local and are looking for any new equipment for the above mentioned manufacturers, please drop us a line as we can arrange both sales and professional installation in the tri-state area


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We accept trade-ins of equal or lesser value under certain conditions.  Simply ask and let us know the exact model, condition and what accessories are included such as a box, remote, manual, etc.  We will only consider high-end equipment from mainstream manufacturers such as McIntosh, Mark Levinson, Audio Research, Krell, etc. and will typically pass on displays, projectors, receivers, dated processors and mid-fi equipment of any type.  We will offer a fair value for your equipment, but keep in mind we are running a business and will need to be able to sell the equipment at a profit after investing a great deal of time and resources in testing, certifying, repairing, cleaning and packaging the incoming equipment.  If you are looking for top dollar we suggest attempting to sell it directly to an end user.  

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If you are in NYC and cannot make it out to Ridgewood, we can arrange pickup in Union Square (14th Street) after the purchase.   You can call or text  (646) 852-2073 with any questions or to schedule an appointment.  We can also arrange to install, calibrate and tune the gear in your listening room if you are in the local area.  This is super useful when purchasing large speakers or heavy amplifiers.  It is also great for ensuring your new turntable is setup correctly in its final resting place.  

Thanks for looking and please send us your email address if you would like to receive a list of the equipment we receive from time to time.  We promise not to bombard you with junk email.  

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