Emerald PhysicsEP 4.3usedEmerald Physics EP 4.3 - Floorstanding, Full-Range LoudspeakersWe received this pair of Emerald Physics EP-4.3's from a customer who is friends with the owner of Emerald Physics. He had this pair specially make with a number of upgrades. Not being very famil...4975.00

Emerald Physics EP 4.3 - Floorstanding, Full-Range Loudspeakers [Expired]

no longer for sale

We received this pair of Emerald Physics EP-4.3's from a customer who is friends with the owner of Emerald Physics.  He had this pair specially make with a number of upgrades.  Not being very familiar with the EP name, we weren't quite sure what to expect.  After a quick search on-line we discovered that these speakers have been not just sweeping rave reviews at audio shows, but have been shocking crowds.  Yet they are a fraction of the price of speakers not even close in performance.  Whats going on here?! 

With a bit of reading you'll find that Emerald Physics uses a unique, open-baffle, di-pole design that's fully passive and incorporates an external crossover with a DSP module.  This allows them to 'tune; the speakers to work extremely well within the listening space you have.  All sounds pretty good and it stuff we've heard of before.  Then we listened to them.....
I find myself struggling for words that I've used before on speakers that sounded REALLY good, but not quite THIS good.  Its almost eerie to NOT hear a pair of speakers, yet they are sitting right in front of you!  How do they create a sound-stage with such dynamics and clarity as to be almost distortion free?  I realize that's not even possible, but what were hearing is pretty amazing.  
We almost decided to hang on to these, but we have nearly 50 pair of speakers we need to move before the end of the year, so here they are.   Not sure what else to say, but they are well worth a listen...and WELL worth the cost.   I also saw that a few well known reviewers have incorporated the EP's into their reference systems.  Interesting indeed. 
They are very clean overall.  The drivers are perfect, but there are a few scuff on the edges of the (cabinets?).  Also the bases get scuffed up installing them so we rated them a bit lower.  I'm sure all of this could be buffed out if you needed them to be perfect.  We have the original boxes and packaging as well as the set-up manual. 
  • Open-baffle, Di-pole design
  • 3-Way , full range design
  • DSP crossover and EQ Included
  • Single, Bi-amp or Tri-amp capable
  • High Power Handling
  • Ultra-low distortion
  • Upgradable

  • Tweeter: Emerald Design Coincident tweeter
  • Mid-Range: Emerald Design 12" Mid-range driver
  • Woofer: Emerald 15" Woofer
  • Sensitivity: 95 db
  • UPGRADED: Piano Black Pearl Finish
  • UPGRADED: WIREWORLD Premium internal wiring upgrade
  • UPGRADED: Ultra-rigid, extra thick front baffle
  • External crossover: Full-range (2 Included)
  • External DSP processor (Included)

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