Audio Art CablePower 1 ClassicnewAudio Art Cable Power 1 Classic High Performance Meets High Value!You've not heard your system's full potential if you are using stock power cords. Audio Art Cable's power 1 AC cable is guaranteed to improve your system's performance to the point where you wi...180.00

Audio Art Cable Power 1 Classic High Performance Meets High Value! [Expired]

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You've not heard your system's full potential if you are using stock power cords.   

Audio Art Cable's power 1 AC cable is guaranteed to improve your system's performance to the point where you will not want to listen to your music without it, or your money back! 

We offer a full 30 day satisfaction guarantee on every cable product me make.     

**Price shown is for a 1.0m cable. **

European Schuko male plug adds $25, 20A IEC adds$20.  Contact us to order these options.   

Click through to our website for complete details on this power cord, as well as our other models. 

In keeping with the philosophy of our other designs, you can expect more of what Audio Art has been delivering to high fidelity two channel and multi-channel home theater enthusiasts around the world for over six years now. Audiophile quality, design and performance at an unbelievably low price, with zero compromises in cable or parts quality! The Audio Art power 1 Classic features a level of audiophile grade quality, not to mention an incomparable hand assembled fit and finish typically found only in much more expensive, high end audio-boutique products. The Wattgate plugs used on our entry level model, for example, are the very same plugs used in other cable manufacturer designs selling for $400 and more. Audio Art Cable’s power 1 Classic offers superb performance for all of your high-end audio components, and starts at only $220 for a 1.0m cord with Wattgate plugs!
The heart and soul of this model, our exclusive power 1 cable, features twin ultra low inductance & resistance 11 gauge conductors, plus an 11 gauge ground all made with Ultra High Purity, 99.99% OFC copper. power 1 is fully shielded for superior noise rejection, with 110% coverage of spiral wrapped Aluminum Mylar Shielding. Our proprietary architecture allows for unrestricted dynamics and current flow.
Power 1 Classic comes fitted with a choice of two of the finest entry level & mid level high-end plug sets on the market, Wattgate’s 5266i male and 320-IEC female, or what are widely regarded as the best mid-level plugs in the industry, Furutech’s **all new** FI-11-N1(G) High Performance AC plug set.
Furutech’s all new FI-11-N1(G) AC connectors are the best bang for the buck “step-up” plugs on the market. The male blades are made from pure copper and the connector includes Furutech’s special "ground jumper" system that connects the screws to the safety ground, thus eliminating magnetic interactions. The new metal clamping mechanism allows superior, and controlled pressure on the wires. The all new metal clamp is an extremely well conceived design resulting in exceptional performance. Furutech’s patented Earth/Ground Jumper System, their Pure Transmission Philosophy and absolutely meticulous build quality all play a large part of the engineering equation. The Pure Transmission technology turns a macro lens on every element of power and signal transfer applying optimized engineering solutions to well-known problems such as contact resistance, EMI and RFI rejection, and grounding. Furutech continues to be an industry leader, using state of the art materials and engineering processes.
The Wattgate 5266i M features an elegant polycarbonate translucent rear housing with a durable hi-temperature rated front housing. Faceplate set screws are stainless steel, there is a dust seal to protect the wiring chamber, and it features a powerful mechanical cord clamp. The 320-IEC features a heavy-duty vinyl connector body. Both parts feature Wattgate’s Perma-Lock™ terminals which actually "lock up" the screw’s threads. Heat and vibration cannot loosen the screws. This exclusive design creates a superior low resistance connector.
To summarize, power 1 Classic is a high-performance power cable that will produce a sonic upgrade for your amplification or digital source components beyond your wildest expectations, and do so at an amazingly good price!
From the new level of performance your system will attain, to a superior cable quality, high-performance Furutech or Wattgate plugs, exceptional hand assembled build quality, ultra high-end look and feel, to an absolutely fabulous price... it’s all here.
But then, what did you expect?
It’s Audio Art Cable. Connecting YOU…With the Music
Technical Specification:
  • Ultra High Purity, 99.99% OFC copper
  • 110% coverage spiral wrapped Aluminum Mylar Shielding for superior noise rejection.
  • Twin ultra low inductance & resistance 11 gauge conductors, plus an 11 gauge ground.
  • Proprietary architecture allowing for unrestricted dynamics and current flow.
  • Noise canceling geometry.
  • Super Flexible PVC with Durable TechFlex® Jacket outer.
  • High-Performance Furutech FI-11(G), or Wattgate 5266i / IEC 320 plugs.
  • 16 mm Diameter
  • Power cable performance & parts quality simply unheard of in this price range!

What’s being said about POWER1 Classic:
I am very IMPRESSED with my new power 1 cable! I have now had the chance to compare it to [2 other, more expensive] audio power cables and your power 1 is by far the best cable improvement I have ever heard in my system...even my wife noticed the difference right away! The most obvious benefit to using this power cable is what it does for digital sources such as CD’s, SACD’s, and even Digital HD TV. There is now a much better separation of instruments and voices, or I guess you can say that this cable has relieved a lot of the compression that I did not even know I had before. My digital stuff sounds so much more musical, or more "lifelike". For that, I am no longer a skeptic about power cable upgrades. In fact, I think for most people this is the type of upgrade that truly has to be heard to be believed. Thank you for this excellent product.
Brian M., Walled Lake, MI The power cords arrived today and they do look very impressive. Right now they are deployed in a headphone set-up that consists of a Darkvoice 336i tube headphone amp with an Arcam FMJ33t CD player as the source. Interconnects are your IC-3s that I got a couple of weeks ago, and the cans are AKG 701s. I have now been listening for about an hour and here’s the initial impression:
- More overall detail, very revealing
- Seem to add more "slam", i.e. the sound seems a little more alive
This is my first foray into after market power cords, and I am asking myself why I waited so long. Very impressed so far, and I’m sure it will only get better.
Charles B., Houston, TX
In the past I have used the following power cords in my main system, all of which are within the relative price range of your Audio Art power 1 [4 high end audio power cable brands mentioned]. With none of these cables did I sense a definite audible improvement versus the stock power cords; it may well have been there, but it was wasn’t particularly noticeable to my ears. From the first moment that I replaced the XXXX cord with your power 1 , the difference was in fact clear and audible; more richness and punch to the sound. I have now moved three of the prior cords to my second system, one is in storage and have only the power 1’s in my main system. I highly recommend these to anyone who wants a good cable, at a very reasonable price, and one that will make a difference.
Frank C., Germantown, TN
The power 1 cable arrived yesterday and I had a quick audition last night. It’s a jump over the stock cord. Just like your other cables, it sounded better balanced - less bright than the stock cable and more solid and detailed from the midrange down. Also better low-end punch, so low transients seemed more physical. I may to get them for my monoblocks.
Cyrus W., Honolulu, HI
Well, I like the power 1 AC cable quite a bit. I have done a little bit of tube rolling and with the Power 1 my Singlepower headphone amp has never sounded better. Midrange and treble sound wonderful…..I suspect things may improve [even more] with a little more tube experimentation and power cord burn in. I am using all Audio Art power cables in my system now. I tried out a more expensive XXXX power cord with a new preamp and in comparison it lacks the musicality and frequency extension of the Audio Art Power 1 cord. Hence, I placed the new order and will try to unload the XXXX cord on Audiogon.
Mark C., NY, NY
The power 1’s did something none of the other big name power cords I tested could do [7 other “big name” power cords in all!]….The p1, like the rest of the Audio Art line, has an uncanny ability to reproduce 3D effects, wall to wall soundstaging, depth, and a sense of natural, effortless flow. It removed anything that sounded electronic from the music. It gave a “you are there” performance, making you forget that you are listening to an electronic reproduction, and instead are sitting front row center at a live performance. The power 1 is very well balanced, and does not exaggerate any particular frequency. It has dynamics, bass punch, and slam without being overpowering, yet it is revealing in the midrange and highs with an effortless, unstrained quality. I noticed this same signature effect on the IC-3SE and SC-5’s. The power 1’s took [my system] to the next level. Is it the absolute, best power cord on the market? I can’t say for sure, but it is the absolute best power cord I’ve heard up to the $500/meter level. Would a $1000 or $2000/meter cord sound two times or four times better than the power 1? Probably not, and even if it did, I highly doubt that it would outperform the power 1 in soundstaging and its ability to portray music in such a natural and realistic way. Audio Art is providing an extraordinary level of performance at bargain basement prices. I’m sure Rob Fritz has the inner circle of high end manufacturers very concerned. If they aren’t, they should be. Mr. Fritz is on to something big here, and hopefully [Audio Art Cable] will be the standard for other cable manufacturers to follow. I can’t wait to see what he’s up to next.
Kent O., Honolulu, HI

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