ProAcSuper TabletteusedProAc Super Tablette Fully Restored and Perfect.Vintage Proac Super Tablette, Restored to Perfection. Collectors Item. BBC Spendor, Harbeth, Rogers Design. Your looking at a perfectly restored and legendary Proac Super Tablette pair of spe...799.00

ProAc Super Tablette Fully Restored and Perfect. [Expired]

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Vintage Proac Super Tablette, Restored to Perfection.  Collectors Item.  BBC Spendor, Harbeth, Rogers Design. 
Your looking at a perfectly restored and legendary Proac Super Tablette pair of speakers.  These were made in the UK as you can see by the sticker in the back . 
There were many variations made over the years but this is the original and classic design and most sought after.  The earlier model (the Tablet) used an inferior tweeter without the foam surround.  I would stay away from those.  
Minute in size they are capable of receiving quite the punch, much like other diminutive Proac speakers.  Not quite sure how they manage to do this but you must hear it to believe it.  
These babies just received two brand new Scan Speak tweeters and the mid drivers were restored by the legendary shop Millersound in PA.  They are fresh and ready to perform for another 30 years.  
The cabinets are in exceptional shape for the age with only the slightest superficial scratches.  The grills are close the perfect.  There are typical Proac high quality single wire binding posts that accept both banana and spade connectors.  
They are matching serial numbers and meant to be together. 
Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to own a piece of audio history.  
Available for audition in my private listening room in Ridgewood, NJ or pickup in my office in Union Square NYC.  

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