SonyCDP-707esdusedSony CDP-707esd Best Vintage Player Ever Made by SonyI've been collecting Sony ES pieces from this era for a long time and this particular model is by far my favorite and best piece. I have two of them and they are rock solid so I've decided to part...899.00

Sony CDP-707esd Best Vintage Player Ever Made by Sony [Expired]

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I've been collecting Sony ES pieces from this era for a long time and this particular model is by far my favorite and best piece.  I have two of them and they are rock solid so I've decided to part with one of them.  Initially I was concerned about having it break so I purchased a second unit.   I have since learned about he reliability of this particular model transport and now realize how incredibly reliable and bomb proof it is so Im comfortable selling my second unit.  
To understand how well built this unit is all your have to do is pick it up.  It must weigh over 45 lbs.  Inside you will quickly notice the absolute lack of any plastic parts in the transport mechanism.  They are all metal and the laser transport runs on stainless rails.   The laser transport is made of cast aluminum and is regarded as the  most reliable laser ever made.  The power transformers are potted and the highest quality capacitors are used throughout.  There seem to be more regulated power supply sections than a CD could ever use.  The chasis is made out of solid copper and all surfaces are treated with some sort of anti resonant rubber material.  The PC boards are made out of epoxy and there are copper busses running throughout.  Some experts have speculated that there is no way Sony made any profits on this particular model.  Its as if the engineers were given an unlimited budget regardless of the selling price.  Subsequent models may look similar from the outside but they were made inferior with every generation to the point of weighing 10 lbs and not a single metal part in sight.  
Performance wise it's exceptional.  You'll be hard pressed to find a player that can access tracks any quicker.  Its almost instant as you scroll though the tracks.   Even the drawer is fast, providing a reassuring thump every time you operate it.  
On the back you'll find digital and analogue outputs selectable via a switch. The only bummer is that it doesn't have balanced outputs, just single ended. 
The unit looks extremely good for its age.  There are no noticeable scratches or wear marks.  The face plate is near mint and the display is bright and legible like the day it was made.  The classic rosewood side panels are included.  
I will pack this unit professionally and set the transport locking screw in place for safe transport.  
Available for pickup and audition in my home listening room in Ridgewood, NJ and pickup in Manhattan.  

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