iPar1023AiPar 1023A Awesome Tube Headamp / PreampAudiogoN members, you are missing out! This will easily be the best $150 you have ever spent on a high-performance audio purchase. This is an amazing headamp / preamp, virtually under the rada...130.00

iPar 1023A Awesome Tube Headamp / Preamp [Expired]

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AudiogoN members, you are missing out!  This will easily be the best $150 you have ever spent on a high-performance audio purchase.  
This is an amazing headamp / preamp, virtually under the radar, but another fine product from the nice folks at Schenzen Audio in China.  4 RCA inputs, and a preamp output to drive your system amp.  Separate volume controls for headphone input and pre-outs.
Pricing includes an upgraded Raytheon 5670 Windmill Getter tube ($50), as well as the factory GE tube.       
Here is a full product description from Schenzen's site:
Description: This headphone amp was developed by Abin Audio design house. This is headphone amp is another surprising for us to their astonish talent in audio design. This compact, complex circuit headphone amp have excellent sound performance and can drive almost all type of headphones on market very well.    

Integrate both preamp and headphone amplifier together, but each have independent volume control. 
4 RCA audio inputs, independent preamp and headphone output 
Excellent circuit layout with incredible signal/noise ratio; -113db for preamp and -114db for headphone amp
High grade sealed 50W power transformer for very low noise and interference 
Thick 8mm solid aluminum face panel and 2.5mm back panel. 
Tube buffer stage with 5687 tube, very sweet tone and eliminate clinical digital sound
Very high grade parts usage, for good sound performance and reliable long years durability  
Adjustable gain for headphone amp; so this headphone can drive almost all headphone on market well. 
Both 110/120v and 220/240v mode supported for worldwide compatibility

Power input:110/120  (110V)  - 220/240V (230V) selectable    Headphone Jack:6.3mm Signal input:RCA socket Preamp distortion:0.143% (5687 tube distortion)   Headphone distorsion:0.154% (5687 tube distortion) Preamp frequency response:20Hz(-0.4dB)-20KHz(-0.5dB) Headphone frequency response:20HZ(-0.3db)-20KHz(-0.8dB) Preamp S/N:-113.1dB Headphone S/N:-114.3db Headphone impedence matching :10 Ohm to 600 Ohm Headphoe output power:300R loading/220mW,32R/480mW Dimension/Weight:10.3" W x 7" D x  50 2" H, 7 lbs.   

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