Audio Art CableSC-5 ClassicusedAudio Art Cable SC-5 Classic Stereophile Recommended Component, 2014-2018!HIGH-END PERFORMANCE, REAL WORLD PRICES. EXCLUSIVELY FROM AUDIO ART CABLE! 3 time Industry Award Winner, including Stereophile Recommended Component List, 2014 -2017! SC-5, and all Audio Art Cab...190.00

Audio Art Cable SC-5 Classic Stereophile Recommended Component, 2014-2018! [Expired]

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3 time Industry Award Winner, including Stereophile Recommended Component List, 2014 -2017! 

SC-5, and all Audio Art Cable products come with a no-risk 30 Day satisfaction guarantee. 

SC-5 has received unanimous praise from  from hi-fi enthusiasts around the world, many who own "cost no object" systems.  We've also been honored with enthusiastic feedback from acclaimed hi-fi journals such as Stereophile Magazine,,, NewRecord,,,, Tone Audio,, Enjoy the, and more!     

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** silver plated copper spades and silver plated bananas now available for +$20/pair!  Please contact us to order **  

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**Price listed is for a 6.0’ single wire pair with gold banans **

Other lengths, silver spade or silver banana, and other connector options available, double bi-wire.  Special Home Theater package pricing available. Contact us for more details.  


In today’s hi-end cable market, audiophiles and Home Theater hobbyists are bombarded with choices, all claiming to improve and enhance the sound of your system. Having paid good money for your components, you want to maximize the potential your system has to offer, and you are willing to buy good cables to do so...
The problem is, most "hi-end" cables just cost too much.
So, you are encouraged to spend more of your hard earned dollars on cables. But somehow they just seem to cost way to much! Other than the fact that I “need” these cables to squeeze out all of the performance my system is capable of, where’s the value? Where’s the love?!
We thought it was time for something different.
So, let’s be upfront here. Audio Art Cables do not include any of the following—No magic, no voo-doo, no snake oil, no mantras chanted during manufacturing, and no audiophile approved pixie dust!
Just high quality cabling and parts to maximize the performance and enjoyment of your system. Imagine that!
It’s Hi Fidelity at the right price
Our speaker cable, the SC-5, offers a high performance, high resolution option that meets some very exacting performance specifications. The sonics of this “entry-level” priced cable translate to an amazingly true to life experience. Soundstage is BIG, yet natural, transients are fast, and the mids are gloriously clear and detailed to reveal every sonic nuance. Smooth, full-bodied, holographic and dynamic, SC-5 is extraordinarily musical. Frequency extremes are effortlessly resolved, and accurate. Bass has extension, slam, and impact. Highs are airy, sparkly, and REAL. , It’s all there!
The award winning SC-5 will involve you in your musical experience like no other cable at or NEAR this price point!
It was our mission and intention in creating the SC-5 to provide the most discriminating audio and Home Theater enthusiast with a new high performance, high value cable standard. In this day of 5 to 7 speakers in a system, value becomes something to consider! It makes a fabulous choice for a high end home theater.
The SC-5 speaker cable is designed to get the best possible performance from any speaker. Each of its 14 gauge conductors consists of 168 strands of ultra high purity, silver-coated OFC copper, insulated in a high quality Polyethylene dielectric, which adds fullness, body and texture that Teflon often fails to do. The cable features very low inductance & capacitance, making it compatible with ALL amplifiers (tube or solid state) and speakers. The SC-5 is also very flexible, making tricky turns a possibility. It’s attractive midnight blue color complements any décor. The SC-5 is available in factory-assembled lengths, and in bulk (un-terminated) lengths.
Technical Specifications:
  • Conductors: Multi-Strand, Silver-coated OFC copper
  • Dielectric: Polyethylene
  • Capacitance: 19.5 pf/foot
  • Resistance: .0025 ohms/foot (each conductor)
  • Diameter: 9 mm
  • Color: Midnight Blue

What’s being said about SC-5 Classic:
The SC-5… excels at soundstaging and imaging. They sounded very smooth and non-fatiguing, had excellent detail retrieval, and at the same time managed to get out of the way and let the music flow through. No part of the frequency spectrum was unduly emphasized or attenuated, which I feel is a very important characteristic of any cable.
Sid Vootla,, Feb 2006
The SC-5 sounded clean, uncolored and rich. And the detail remained…..WOW! I said to myself this is crazy! These cables should not sound like this for this kind of money! … The plucked bloom of strings and guitars gave a “you are there” feel; voices were sweet with good tonal balance, full sounding… The plain of the speakers disappeared…. The soundstage was wide and very deep…the SC-5’s made things a little more seductive sounding. Ok what did I not like about the Audio Art Cables? … The only thing I did not like about Mr. Fritz cables were…I did not think of it first! …..Finally folks, we have an affordable cable that can run with the Big Boys!!
Bill Glenn, The Cable Nut
they have a nice warmish representation with great amounts of extension, especially in the bass department... Fantastic!! Having not been a fan of blends or silver cable, yours has been the best I’ve heard so far.
John P., Toronto, Ontario Canada
No more second guessing the hard earned money I’ve spent. No more buyers’ remorse. No more BS. Just more music to enjoy with the money I saved on cables…..they won’t be leaving my system for a long time (unless I just happen to win the lotto next week!). These cables deliver 97% of the performance the "big guys", just without the absurd cost.
Jeff J., Jacksonville, FL
Love the speaker cables, played my Mobile Fidelity Gold CD collection with them and all I can say is WOW! The sound stage and detail is very impressive. Keep up the good work!
Ray D., Gloucester, MA
“If the notion of a reviewer calling a four thousand dollar pair of speaker cables “reasonable” seems unreasonable to you…., I’ve got your sanity right here in the form of Audio Art’s SC-5 speaker cables. ……. [This] superbly constructed pair of refreshingly flexible cables from Audio Art which, in my system, come as close to sounding like no cable as I’ve heard for under a grand. Audio Art’s heady blend of cleverly balanced sonics, 30-day no-questions-asked return policy, outrageously sane pricing, and a cheery, decidedly much-friendlier-than-Dick-Cheney CEO (Rob Fritz), makes for my very highest recommendation in the increasingly rarified category of non-psychotically priced speaker cables. So much so that this reviewer’s bucks stop here—I bought them.
David Abramson, Nominated 2006 Editors Choice “Most Wanted Components Award”
For many more consumer comments and reviews, please visit our website.
**Please allow 100-150 hours for these cables to completely burn in before critical evaluation. **
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