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INTRODUCTION: All Things Beatles: A collection of Beatles media presented in its own media display/cabinet-sculpture. This unique work of art presents the Beatles oeuvre in multiple formats (see "The Media" section below for a detailed list). In addition to the media (lp’s, cd’s, flac), it also includes "The Beatles: The Complete Scores" (hardback edition) and the box set companion to the LPs and CDs, "The Beatles BBC Archives”. All media described in this text and pictured here are included. The sculpture housing the collection is a one-off. A series of 1.

THE HOUSING:  Crafted of bubinga, bocote, wenge, morado, maple, glass, sterling silver, and brass. On top, supported on its own glass plinth, is a turned maple fruit bowl, holding the aluminum limited edition Green Apple. Pull the stem to reveal a USB drive with the high quality digital versions of the music and videos. The right side of the sculpture is 3/4" glass, allowing you to see whichever LP you chose as the presentation lp.

Overall dimensions are: Width: 42 1/4” X Height: 22” X Depth: 15 1/4”

Each of the nine doors is inlaid with five horizontal lines of sterling silver. The five lines (and the four spaces between the lines) comprise a musical staff. The brass pull on each of the doors is in a different place on the lines/spaces: notes. Nine doors, nine notes, chosen from the enormous body of Beatle’s compositions. The notes represented in the brass door pulls on the sterling staff lines are those for the lyric: “There Will Be An Answer, Let It Be.”

From left to right, each of the compartments contain: 1) CDs: The Mono Remasters, 2)CDs: The US Albums, 3) CDs: The Stereo Remasters, 4) CDs: Misc (see below), 5) EPs: Japanese EP Red Vinyl Box Set, 6) Books: Beatles: The Complete Scores & The BBC Archives, 7) LPs: Stereo Remasters, 8) LPs: Misc (see below) 9) Mono Remasters. Above all on its own turned maple vessel is the Beatles USB Apple.

THE MEDIA: This comes complete with all the media pictured. All media are brand new. For those items sold as box sets, the boxes themselves have been opened, but the individual albums, CDs, etc. have not. The outer boxes, which are not incorporated into the sculpture, are included with the sale. The USB Apple was removed from its box (see photo), but never plugged into a computer. Please note: The EP Box set is NOS (new old stock). The outer cellophane has been torn, but never removed, and the box has never been opened. The Blue and Red LP sets are also NOS, sealed, in blue and red vinyl respectively. (These and the ep's hold pre-remastering versions of the songs, so to compare.)


CD Box Set: The Beatles in Mono (The Complete Mono Recordings) (ASIN: B002BSHXJA)
CD Box Set: The US Albums (ASIN: B00H8XF9I0)
CD Box Set: The Original Studio Recording (the stereo remaster set) (ASIN: B002BSHWUU)
CD Misc: BBC Archives Set (Vol 1 & 2), The Red Album, The Blue Album, Love, One.
Book: Beatles: The Complete Scores (ISBN-10: 0793518326)
Book/Etc.: Beatles: BBC Archive Box Set
LP Box Set: The Original Studio Recordings (ASIN: B0041KVW2K)
LP Misc: BBC Archives Vol 1; BBC Archive Vol 2; The Red Album, The Blue Album, Love (not pictured but included) and One (not pictured but included).
LP Box Set: The Beatles in Mono (ASIN: B005NJ9CHK)
EP Box Set: The Beatles EP Collection (Japanese with red vinyl)
USB: Beatles Apple (ASIN: B002VH7P4O)
Also included: Four “Beatles Dollars.” (Not pictured. These are in the hidden compartment.)

SHIPPING: Please contact us for quotes on shipping. The media will be shipped in their original boxes separately from the sculpture. The display pedestal pictured does not come with the purchase, however if the purchaser would like to pay for the additional shipping of the pedestal, it will be included free of charge. This is located in North Carolina and is available for pick up with no charge. The shipping charges, regardless of carrier, will be based on the actual fees for the delivery, and materials only for packing.

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