Acoustic ZenCrescendonewAcoustic Zen Crescendo New speakers with great reviewsAsk us about 6 months no Payment & no Interest thru PayPal We have new Acoustic Zen Crescendo MK2's available for sale. Call to discuss our great AZ speaker deals. Available in all current co...21995.00

Acoustic Zen Crescendo New speakers with great reviews [Expired]

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Ask us about 6 months no Payment & no Interest thru PayPal

We have new Acoustic Zen Crescendo MK2's available for sale. Call to discuss our great AZ speaker deals.  Available in all current color finishes.

The MK2 weights about 20 pounds more than the original as the cabinet has been beefed up to be more rigid. The crossover has also been improved.

The Absolute Sound review of the original was a rave. They sum with: Acoustic Zen’s Robert Lee has crafted a magnificent transmission-line speaker, truly a perfectionist labor of love. The Crescendo is eminently musical and supremely well-integrated from top to bottom. It certainly pushed of all my emotional buttons and is currently my favorite box speaker under $30k. Make no mistake about it: The Crescendo is a fantastic value at its asking price. An enthusiastic five-star recommendation!

See the entire review at:

In the Positive feedback review they said:
"The Crescendos are full-range, top to bottom, blockbusters that are astoundingly flat right at 20Hz and tip-toeing up to (and quite literally past) 20kHz;" "The integration of each driver in this three-way transmission line "under hung" system is spooky: very few speakers, at any price, achieve the sonic coherence so effortlessly delivered here;" "I confess that I do not understand how Acoustic Zen arrived at the ridiculously low price point of $14,000/pair for speakers that are not only literally "world class" but that hold their own (and possibly, in some reproduction areas, surpass) very good and very, very expensive speakers—such as Dali's impressive "Megaline" speakers and MBL's 101.ii brilliantly sculptured speakers." Read the entire review at:

The Crescendo follows the great success of the Adagio. It is a larger model that uses 5 drivers for a more extended and powerful presentation. It is a transmission line design with 20Hz-30KHz response. There are dual 8 inch underhung woofers, dual 5 inch underhung midrange drivers and a 2 inch horn loaded ribbon tweeter. At 90Db efficient and 6 ohms they are an easy load for most amps. These 125 pound speakers are gorgeous & available in real wood finishes.
Finishes are Rosewood lacquer, Mappa Burl lacquer or Walnut Burl lacquer, and Piano black lacquer.

The quote below is from the an Absolute Sound RMAF show report: "Speakers from $15000 - $20000/Pair at RMAF 2010" "In this price class, which has historically represented the tipping point between high-end sound and ultra high-end sound, I thought three speakers stood head and shoulders above their peers." The Acoustic Zen Crescendo is one of them. The Crescendo is an easy load and can be driven by most amps over 50 watts, tube or solid state.

The Carver monos do an amazing job on them. In smaller rooms the Audio Space Ref 3.1 (KT88) does a great job. Call us at 770-667-5633 for our current low pricing.

Design: 3 way transmission line
Freq. Response: 20 Hz - 30 kHz (+/- 3 dB)
Crossover: 3rd order (Linkwitz/Riley)
Tweeter: 2 inch horn loaded Custom RIBBON Custom
Midrange: 5 inch w/ Under hung voice coil (two)
Woofer: Custom 8 inch w/ Under hung voice coil (two)
Impedance: 6 Ohms nominal
Avg. Efficiency: 90dB SPL 1 meter !! Run great on just about any amp... flexible, friendly, amp friendly, wife friendly...
Power Handling: 20 - 200 watts RMS per channel
Size: 1270 mm x 279.4 mm x 431.8 mm
Weight: 145 lbs. (66.5 kg) each

Read our over 12,800 points of AudiogoN #1 rated feedback and then call 770-667-5633 with questions or to order these excellent speakers.
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