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Nordost El Dorado trade in save $$$ [Expired]

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Nordost El Dorado power cable 2m 15a

If you are looking for value in a power cable this is your ticket!  This was Nordost first ever produced power cable and it uses their original super conductor.  A brief excerpt from the 2006 ash timeframe when this cable was in production:
The Nordost El Dorado is the best overall performer (and, yes, the most expensive).  I couldn't find an instance where its insertion into the system, on any component, didn't bring about wonderful, positive changes in sound.  You want vital, live, crunching dynamics?  Try the Nordost on your preamp or DAC.  This baby absolutely slammed when compared to the stock cords on hand.  While the improvement in dynamics over the Audiodyne and Harmonic Technology cords was not as pronounced as the improvement over the stock cords, yes, the Nordost was still the most dynamic-sounding of the three Contenders.  What about space?  Acoustic space, to me, is that sense of instruments and voices in their original recording venue laid bare before you, top-to-bottom and side-to-side.  With the Nordost, I felt like I was getting everything that my system was capable of delivering in terms of space.  The stock cords positively deflated the sense of space and reigned in the soundstage.  The other two Contenders were good in the re-creation of space, with the Harmonic Technology holding a slight edge over the Audiodyne in this regard.  In the end, the Nordost made its best attributes most evident when used on my tube preamp.  With both the DAC and CD transport, the Nordost was also wonderful, but not quite as noticeably so as when connected to my preamp. 

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We have three of these excellent cables for sale currently.
Liquid HiFi is a fully authorized Supreme Reference Nordost dealer and we have almost every cable which Nordost builds on our showroom floor.  We are happy to help local clients and those out of area who have no local representation.  We have a cable loaner program where you can audition cables in your home with no obligation.  Contact us today to hear what your components and speakers are truly capable of.   
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