Eastern ElectricSupreme DSD Tube & SSnewEastern Electric Supreme DSD Tube & SS DACThis is our Eastern Electric DSD Supreme DAC ESS9018 DAC chip Digital front faceplate readout USB/ DSD capable 4 other digital inputs. Tube or Solid state. Socket-able op-amps in case you...1100.00

Eastern Electric Supreme DSD Tube & SS DAC [Expired]

no longer for sale

This is our Eastern Electric DSD Supreme DAC  ESS9018 DAC chip   Digital front faceplate readout  USB/ DSD capable  4 other digital inputs. Tube or Solid state.  Socket-able  op-amps in case you want to roll . Dexa's or Sparko Labs highly recommended. 
 If you want the Sparko Labs or Dexa Special Edition op-amps installed I can do this for you. Sparko Labs run $40 per single and $80 per dual op-amp , the Dac takes two singles and two double op-amps. Dexa's Special Editions are $45 per single and $80 per dual.   If I install I warranty the work I do.
 Been running the HQPlayer software with optimizer with Windows 2012 using the DSD option and the DAC sounds amazing. .Audirvana Plus is also recommended for software to use.  Just tried with JPlay 6 and HQ Player. Fantastic sound with DSD.  Roon with Tidal sounds spectacular also  If your a little overwhelmed by all the settings of how to set up for optimal digital playback thru your computer, we can help you set up your computer also for State of the Art digital enjoyment.

 If using Roon or with the Micro-Rendu, this combination has stunning sound quality 

Specification :

USB signal type : PCM, DSD

Frequency Response : 15Hz – 32KHz

Sampling Rates : 32bit  32KHz  44.1KHz  48KHz  192KHz  352.8KHz  384KHz

Dynamic Range : 130dB

Digital Input Impedance : 75Ω

Output Voltage : Tube 3.2V ±0.5dB Solid State 2.8V ±0.5dB

S/N Ratio : Tube 92dB   Solid State 98dB

THD : Tube 0.4%   Solid State 0.01%

Power Consumption : 12W

Main Power Input : 120V  230V  240V switchable

G.W. : 6.5kgs

N.W. : 5kgs

Machine : 371 x 295 x 70mm

Packing : 455 x 355 x 155mm

The Supreme DAC has more body

with deeper taut bass while the mids are to die for and the cymbals just sound excellent. 

 Trust me on this one guys, it is a very special DAC and Alex Yeung worked on this for almost a year getting it to sound its best. He succeeded.

Thank you for considering,

 Bill O'Connell

Morningstar Audio

PS: Our return policy if anything goes wrong with the DAC is we simply send you out a new one.

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