Sophia ElectricElectric BabySophia Electric Electric Baby Parasound Halo P3BABY SOPHIA HAS BEEN SOLD LISTING IS FOR A PARASOUND HALO P3 Great sounding PreampOnly reason I’m selling is I have decided to go with a tube preamp.Very clean & natural sound – many feat...400.00

Sophia Electric Electric Baby Parasound Halo P3 [Expired]

no longer for sale

Great sounding Preamp

Only reason I’m selling is I have decided to go with a tube preamp.

Very clean & natural sound – many features.

Only blemish is on top corner – not visible when in rack (see in photo).

6 line inputs, one input switchable to MM phono
Relay switched direct inputs: balanced and unbalanced
External processor send and receive loop
Balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA outputs
Vacuum fluorescent status display
Defeatable bass and treble controls
Enormous encapsulated toroid power transformer
Dual layer glass epoxy circuit boards
High resolution stereo headphone circuit
RS-232 control port
External IR input and loop output jacks
Two 12v triggers; 1 input and 1 loop output
Gold-plated RCA jacks
Remote control also operates T 3 Tuner

Frequency Response: 5 Hz - 55 kHz, +0/-1 dB, full output
Total harmonic distortion: < 0.01% 1 kHz; < 0.03% 20 kHz
IM distortion: balanced 16 V rms < 0.03 %
Maximum Output : > 8 V before clipping
Input Impedance : > line input 30 kW; phono 47 kW
Output Impedance : 60 Ω
Input Sensitivity: line inputs 150 mV, +/- 5%; phono 2 mV
Maximum Input level: 10.5 V before clipping
S/N ratio: line input >92 dB, A-weighted, ref 1 V output
line input >84 dB, unweighted, ref 1 V output
Cross-talk: > 55 dB, 20 kHz
Channel level matching: < 0.1 dB
Voltage: Switchable for 110V - 120V or 220V – 240V operation
Dimensions: 17-1/4" w x 4-1/8" h x 13-3/4 " d, 3-5/8 " h without feet
Net weight: 16 lb.

Reviews:, December 2010
In the pantheon of audiophile electronics, Parasound stands among those at the top with its storied history, vast product range and legendary performance. The Halo P3 stereo preamplifier is no exception, providing solid performance and features, coupled with tremendous value, which is what Parasound has been all about for years. The P3 is as attractive as they come, having a sleek aluminum façade with pale blue glowing manual controls. The P3 is solidly built. Its ease of use and day-to-day livability is unique among audiophile components in that you actually want to interact with and use the P3. The front of the P3 features hard buttons for source, tone and balance, as well as volume. The P3 has a crystal clear fluorescent display that shows your source's volume in mono mode, i.e., right and left channels, and can be read easily from across a listening room.

Good Sound, December 2004
"The P 3's rear panel is an example of the careful design of which Parasound should be proud. Everything is neatly and logically arranged." "The addition of not only a phono preamp but the ability to turn it on or off puts the P 3 at the head of the pack at its price." "My son began dancing while I played this CD through the Parasound combo (P 3/A 23) - they passed the toe-tapping test with flying colors." "Parasound's Halo P 3 preamplifier and Halo A 23 power amplifier are sexy in appearance, easy to use, and sound solid and satisfying." "Good value and good sound: a winning combination!" - Eric Hetherington
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