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Reed Tonearms 2A Tonearm , New In Box! Awesome Sound, Awesome Deal! [Expired]

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WANT a Faster Response? Email us directly at [email protected] rather than thru the Audiogon system. Thanks in advance! To see all our Bargains and Special Deals, CLICK HERE! We are proud to represent many of the world's finest Audio Brands - CLICK HERE for a complete list! Reed 2A Tonearm, Customer Trade, approx. 1 year old, NEW IN BOX. 60 day warranty. Retail $5,275, sell for $2,790.

Testimonials (on all Reed tonearms)

"This (Reed 3P) arm brought a characteristic sound that is extrovertedly analogue. It is not neutral, as the term is commonly used today to mean uninflected and colorless. The Reed is colorful in the best sense of the word, just as live music is. And it does the audiophile dog and pony show as well as the best of them. The Reed 3P tonearm mated with the Dr. Feickert table is a gem. I enjoyed this front-end immensely." - Marshall Nack, Positive Feedback (read the review) "The duo (Reed 3Q tonearm and turntable) from Lithuania spoils you with sheer sonic opulence and flatters even medium quality LPs in the best possible sense. Both components (tonearm and turntable) are absolutely top class, though it's the arm that really triggers the "must have reflex"." - LP Magazine


The Reed 2A Tonearm The Reed 2A tonearm is for analog lovers who want to custom design their tonearm by choosing finish, wiring and armtube material to create the perfect vehicle for their phono cartridge. Technical details The tonearm base consists of two parts: a massive stand and a solid metal platform. Such construction is rigid and stable. Height (VTA) adjustment is 20 mm, tolerance ±0.1mm. The Bearings feature carbide tungsten points and a sapphire thrust pad.These bearings have very low friction and minimal contact surface, reducing noise transmission from base to the cartridge. The lever antiskating mechanism is supported by a ruby bearing. Antiskating force is constant while cartridge moves across the record. Ruby bearings reduce mechanism friction to a minimum. The tonearm is statically balanced. To minimize "swinging" effect, the counterweight is at the same horizontal level as the needle tip. Downforce range is from 10 mN to 30 mN. Currently, Reed's tonearm armtubes are made only from wood. After investigating various materials - metal, fiberglass, carbon fiber and, of course, wood, they came up to conclusion that our tonearms sound best (and have best acoustic properties) with armwands made from properly selected and processed wood. Armtube material also has significant impact to tonearms effective mass.


Physical Parameters: Effective length: 240 mm (9.5") 251.6 mm (10.5") or 308.8 mm (12")) Mounting distance: 223 mm (9.5") or 295,6 mm (12") Overhang: 17 mm (9.5") or 13.2 mm (12") Offset angle: 23° (9.5") or 17.63° (12") Effective mass: varies based on armtube material Adjustables: Height adjustment: applicable to 20÷42 mm height platters Downforce range: 10÷30 mN Azimuth adjustment: ±5°, tolerance ±0.25° Modules: Tonearm bearings: carbide points and sapphire thrust pad Antiskating: lever antiskating mechanism on sapphire or ruby bearings Armtube: Western redcedar (Thuja plicata), Pernambuco (Brazilwood, Caesalpinia echinata), Panzerholtz (Tankwood), Cocobolo (Dalbergia retusa), Pao Ferro (Caesalpinia ferrea), Macassar Ebony (Diospyros melanoxylon) Wiring options: - C37 Finewire Standard - C37 Finewire Cryo, Eichmann Bullet plugs - C37 Finewire Cryo, WBT Nextgen Finish: Available in Rhodium, Gold, Gold Matte, Black, and Seashell White editions. ___________________________________________________________________ California sales subject to sales tax. Audio Revelation, Carlsbad, CA 92010 760.434.2625. 9am-6pm PST Monday through Saturday. Visits by appointment only please.

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