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dcs Paganini 3 Pieces System [Expired]

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CD/SACD - Upsampler Transport - Ring DAC - Masster Clock with USB Interface. Latest Softwares and versions.


Paganini Transport is built to the highest specification and features a sleek, solid aluminium fascia, thick aluminium casing, metal buttons and a smooth transport mechanism. Its TEAC Esoteric™ UMK5 drive is robustly constructed and features a metal tray built specially for dCS. All signal processing and electronics in the Transport are designed and developed in-house by dCS.

Paganini Transport upsamples CD data to DSD, transmitting DSD data over the IEEE1394 and Dual AES interface. SACDs are played in their native format and also transmitted over IEEE1394 and Dual AES. Native CD data is available from 4 PCM outputs (2x AES3 and 2x S/PDIF), as is downsampled SACD data.

Paganini Transport is intended to be used with the matching Paganini DAC or any suitable industry-standard DAC. The unit may be run in Master mode or by using the DAC as the system clock. Performance is further enhanced by adding the Paganini Clock to the system.


The dCS Ring DAC™ found in all dCS DACs is a discrete balanced design that supports all high resolution musical formats up to DSD. The optimised DSP filters available in Paganini DAC ensure that you can extract every last nuance of musical detail and emotion by tuning the system to your personal preference.

Paganini DAC features standard AES3 and S/PDIF inputs in addition to the IEEE 1394 interfaces. The digital volume control allows direct connection to a power amplifier; there is no need for a preamplifier. Maximum output can be either two or six volts to suit different amplifier/loudspeaker combinations.

The unit can be used in Master mode to provide a clock for source components, and can be locked to an external word clock signal generated by a dCS Master Clock – this produces a substantial performance improvement.

Paganini DAC is intended for use with the matching upsampling Paganini CD/SACD Transport or with any industry-standard CD Transport, digital streamer or music server.

The PCM inputs on all dCS DACs are industry-standard AES/EBU, S/PDIF or SDIF interfaces. There should be no difficulty using them with other manufacturers’ equipment, provided it also complies with industry standards.


Clocking is vitally important in any digital audio system because timing errors that occur in the DAC will be converted directly into errors in the analogue output. dCS DACs can act as the system master clock, but listening tests have shown that there is no substitute for a high-quality, dedicated master clock.

Used as part of the Paganini digital audio playback system, it improves on an already spectacular sound and takes it into an entirely new domain. With a clock added to a dCS system images snap into sharper focus and the music displays a substantially greater sense of authority and power as well as offering noticeably higher resolution of detail.

Paganini Master Clock is based on our professional studio master clocks and the classic Verona clock. All dCS Master Clocks are subjected to rigorous in-house testing and the crystal oscillators are pre-aged and selected for long term stability.

An asynchronous USB input is now fitted which allows high resolution audio to be played from a computer. In this mode it synchronises the audio by providing a feedback pipe to the PC or Mac. The computer’s audio stream is effectively clocked by the Master Clock for dramatically lower jitter. Clock frequency is automatically switched to suit the incoming audio stream, resulting in extremely accurate performance.

dCS equipment is designed to generate and accept industry-standard Word Clock on 75 ohm coaxial cable. Other manufacturers’ equipment designed to accept standard Word Clock can be used with our clocks. Non-standard clock formats must be assumed to be proprietary to that manufacturer.

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