Mastersound EVOLUTION 845 INTEGRATEDusedMastersound  EVOLUTION 845 INTEGRATED AS NEW,  STILL UNDER WARRANTYAlmost a brand new amp, got it about a year ago, used lightly during winter, so basically I just broke it in for you. Comes with custom constructed heavy duty box (cost me $150) for safe transpo...9700.00


no longer for sale

Almost  a brand new amp, got it about a year ago, used lightly during winter,  so basically  I just broke it in for you. Comes with custom constructed heavy duty box (cost me $150) for safe transportation.  About (8-9 months) left on its warranty, but the unit has been most reliable and its operation has been flawless, and its known for its legendary reliability. 

There is some room for price maneuvering, however please NO LOW-BALLING. If paying with PayPal we split the fee.

Reference level of single ended tube power, yet powerful enough to drive almost any speakers. Winner of best of the  audio shows, legendary reliability and purest possible signal... Living in the NYC metropolitan area has allowed me to compare this unit to many other single ended "cost-no-object "  single ended and push pull amplifiers, and it (IMHO) bettered them all  especially when it comes to dynamics, separation, and proper portrayal of the musicians within the soundstage , truth of timbre and the "realness" of voices... It drives my Chario Sovrans to very loud levels in  my 25 by 16 ft  listening room in NYC prewar apartment, and it drives  my very inefficient Eminent Tech 8bs very well as well, and these have 83-84 db sensitivity (granted the combo sounds simply amazing).   Simply mesmerizing  when playing opera/orchestra, but plays equally great any other genre, from Holger Czukay, Joe Zawinul , Miles Davis to David Bowie, Art of Noise, New Order, punk rock&new wave &classic rock, you name it...You will find many reviews of it on the Web.

If there ever was a universal amp for a music lover/audiophile this is it! I am long time music enthusiast and collector with musical collection of over 25 000 albums and this is the end game type of amp. The reason I ve decided to sell it is to raise funds to purchase  the certain big speakers from Italy.

I prefer a local sale, but of course will ship as well via freight only, at cost, strapped to pallet, as its very heavy. Serious audiophiles with intent to buy would be welcomed to see it and pick it up in person...With  the current euro/$ its price is 17 grand these days, so this is your chance to get it at a "reasonable" price that can be put on a credit card.....

I will need at least 2-3 days to arrange shipping with freight companies, unless buyer arranges for the shipment him/herself... I put shipping charges here just as an estimate, it could be less, or more, will know for sure after buyer's zip is known.   Let me know if you any questions. Thanks!

Mastersound Evolution 845 Integrated

Parallel Single Ended Dual Mono Class: “A”

Power: 2 x 55 Watt
Tubes: 4 x 845 – 2 x ECC802 – 2 x 6SN7
Inputs XLR: 1 Line
Inputs RCA: 3 Line + 1 Direct
Output transformer: MastersounD
Load impedance: 4 – 8 Ohm
Semi-automatic Bias
Negative feedback: 0 dB
Supplied with remote control
Board with gold tracks
Weight: 53 Kg. ( 116,8 lbs )