Sonus FaberMusicausedSonus Faber MusicaMint condition Limited Edition (# 876 of 1000) Sonus faber Musica solid state integrated amp for sale. It comes with the original boxing, This was sold new by the USA Sonus Faber distributor, ...3300.00

Sonus Faber Musica [Expired]

no longer for sale

Mint condition Limited Edition (# 876 of 1000) Sonus faber Musica solid state integrated amp for sale. 
It comes with the original boxing, This was sold new by the USA Sonus Faber distributor, Sumiko, to a dealer in 2010. 

If using PayPal add 2.7% for USA addresses and 4.5% for Canadian.  International buyers are responsible for all country to country fees including custom fees.

I am also selling a pair of Sonus Faber speakers that sound great with this amp.    
Olympica I Sonus Faber (Please see my other add)
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From the manufacturer:
“Musica was created as an instrument for Sonus faber's own listening tests and used as a landmark reference point.

The Musica is a pure and precise amplifier, designed and manufactured with state of the art technology.

Musica is the perfect expression of Sonus faber philosophy, embodying simplicity while representing the quest for the finest sound reproduction possible, above and beyond that which fashion dictates. 

Musica's pure and simple design contrasts with the sophisticated technical considerations applied in its conception and construction, the interior accommodates the ample power supply and ultra high-speed circuitry.

In creating this precision instrument, we did not regard absolute power as a design objective. Instead, we concentrated on musical quality, for the kind of reproduction which involves the listener's heart.

Musica has been designed not by just us, but for us. And for music lovers everywhere.”

One reviewer had this to say about the Musica:

“…Sonus faber spent a lot of time tuning Musica using some of Europe's most refined golden ears. As a result of this teamwork, Musica has been honed to display uncanny precision, especially in image positioning, retrieval of fine detail and transient attack. The mid-band is so exquisitely lifelike that vocals possess both the texture and the air which are required to make you think the singers are in the room. But it's the character of the treble which defines the Musica…

…Think bells or chimes, running water, anything which tinkles without clatter. Dig out a recording with loads of glossy, glassy upper-octave information. Xylophone, castrati, triangles, Guy Mitchell whistling - doesn't matter. Just play it and listen to the way the upper frequencies shimmer. It's spine-tingling…”


Power output: 50w into 8 ohms, 100w into 4ohms
Left/Right channel symmetrical PCB design
Surface Mounted Device (SMD) technology for shortest path signal path
28 dB total gain
Dual JFET differential input with double bootstrapping
Error corrected MOSFET output stage
Low impedance dynamic drive capability
DC short circuit and thermal protection
Six line inputs
Buffered record output
Custom made plastic conductive potentiometer for volume control 
No tone controls for signal purity
Mechanical input selector with switched ground, and line
WBT gold plated speaker terminals.

Power Supply Features:
Torodial type transformer
Custom twin 1500mF low multiplication factor main capacitors
Independent power supply for input and output gain stages
Ultra high speed Schottky diode rectifiers

Solid walnut fascia
Controls and spikes in gold plated copper

Dimensions (WxDxH): 17 x 15 x 6 inches
Weight: 29 lbs.
Shipping weight: 37 lbs.
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