VoxativAmpeggio XusedVoxativ Ampeggio X Fieldcoil EditionDirectly from Voxativ - Berlin:Here we are with a used Voxativ Ampeggio X loudspeaker pair that is powered by a Voxativ AC-X fieldcoil driver. This pair was used on the Highend show in Munich in Ma...25000.00

Voxativ Ampeggio X Fieldcoil Edition [Expired]

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Directly from Voxativ - Berlin:
Here we are with a used Voxativ Ampeggio X loudspeaker pair that is powered by a Voxativ AC-X fieldcoil driver. This pair was used on the Highend show in Munich in May and received a Gold Show Award for best sound by the US magazine AV Showrooms:

Ampeggio is reborn: Introducing Ampeggio X.
In Munich, visitors from around the world had the first chance to hear an evolution of the original Ampeggio. At it's heart, this new Ampeggio X has been refined with all of the knowledge we’ve gained over the years. The most significant change is that the cabinet can now accommodate our flagship line of field coil drivers. To accomplish this, the fully AST (Acoustic Stealth Technology) tuned cabinet has been retooled to accommodate the size and scope of these full-range reference level drivers. At the show, we have chosen the AC-XP field coil driver to demonstrate the potential of this new configuration. MSRP for the pair is $70,000USD (inclusive of the Voxativ N1 linear power supply)

To power the field coil system of the new Ampeggio X - one can now choose a vintage Tungar-style tube PSU consisting of 10 rectifier tunes with stabilized voltages from 11 to 19 in 0.5 volt steps. Lead by our chief electronics engineer, Stefan Noll, this product is pure Voxativ from fit to finish. The MSRP for the pair of supplies is $9,900USD. 

This N5 power supply can be ordered together with the speakers at $ 6.900.-

Perfect match for the speakers is the Voxativ T-211 integrated amplifier. This amp can be ordered together with the speakers as a bundle. Just ask us for a price.

Herb Reichert from Stereophile commented on this speakers on the Gighend Show in Munich:

 „But while I still live, I believe I could visit heaven if only I could listen, late at night, in my own candle lit room, to the Voxativ Arpeggio X loudspeakers with Voxativ's full range 8" AC-XP field-coil drivers, which feature: leather surrounds, wooden cones, and N1 power supply. Total cost: around 76,000 Euros/pair.

Let me clarify what heaven on earth must look like: super-sensitive, full-range wooden-cone drivers, with natural leather surrounds, and electro-dynamic (field-coil) magnets. Why wood and leather pistons? Because they don't sound like, plastic, Kevlar, ceramic, or aluminum. Why electro-dynamic magnets? Because ferrite magnets sound brittle and grainy like cinders.
I am not joking. The Voxativ audio aesthetic perfectly suits my taste in home music reproduction. 

If I had the space in my bunker, and I had any cash in my bank (I am broke and overdrawn as I type this), I would hunker down nightly and let Voxativ's fast, rich, transparent sound take me to them Pearly Gates.
And guess what I discovered? Those pearly gates are illuminated by the bright 211 triode-tube emitters of Voxitiv's T-211 integrated amplifier (16,600 Euros). I am ready Father—take me now!“
Speakers do have 10 years warranty.

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