Synergistic ResearchGalileo UEF Power Cables newSynergistic Research Galileo UEF Power Cables  - World’s best cables - available for in-home auditionGalileo UEF Power Cables - Perfection perfected. Analog and Digital.Galileo UEF Power Cables are the first power cords we’ve manufactured with internal Active EM Cells first developed for our Power...5600.00

Synergistic Research Galileo UEF Power Cables - World’s best cables - available for in-home audition [Expired]

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Galileo UEF Power Cables - Perfection perfected. Analog and Digital.
Galileo UEF Power Cables are the first power cords we’ve manufactured with internal Active EM Cells first developed for our PowerCell line conditioners. You see even when your power cords are connected to a line conditioner, they are still subject to RF and EM fields between your power conditioner and components, and this can cause distortion in your system. Each Galileo UEF Power Cable comes equipped with a tiny Swiss made power supply designed to drive the cable’s Active Shielding as well as bias the micro EM Cells encased in carbon fiber. The net effect is a power cable that functions as a discreet power conditioner for electrical isolation between components within your system. Powering even one or two components with Galileo UEF Power Cables can have transformational effects by dramatically lowering your system’s perceived noise floor. Each Galileo UEF Power Cable is handmade in our California factory and is available for immediate audition in your high-resolution audio system. Available in both Analog and Digital variants.


These amazing power cables have been engineered to beat the world’s best cables regardless of cost and are ready for an immediate in-home audition.


AWARD - The Absolute Sound "2016 Cable of the Year" by Jonathan Valin
"...Ted Denney’s latest creations improve on the cumbersome ergonomics of his original Galileo multi-strand cables (which had to be plugged into and out of a multitude of boxes and actively biased via a plethora of wall-wart power supplies) by packaging most of that marvelous Synergistic technology into the cable itself. Better still, the Galileo UEFs significantly improve upon the truly stellar sonics of the original Galileos. Indeed, the UEFs are the best sounding wires Mr, Denney has yet devised, achieving a dead-center neutrality that is neither “bottom-up” nor “top-down” in tonal balance, without any sacrifice in natural warmth and timbre, resolution of detail, transient speed, dynamic power, imaging precision, or soundstage width, depth, and height. When you consider that the Galileo UEFs are also priced at one-third or one-quarter of what the original Galileos went for (and roughly one-tenth of what flagship cables and interconnects from certain other companies currently cost), you have a veritable bargain in ultra-high-end wire and a worthy TAS Interconnect and Speaker Cable of the Year Award winner...."

AWARD - Reviewer's Choice Soundstage Ultra - Howard Kneller (09/2017)
"...Synergistic Research’s Galileo UEF interconnects and speaker cables are technical tours de force that demonstrate just how far the art of cable making has come since the Golden Enz days of electrical-grade copper conductors and connectors of gold-plated nickel. They serve as a reminder of three audiophile truths: the simplest circuit does not always sound the best, the highest-performing products are often not the most expensive, and despite all the amazing progress made, the art continues to advance..." 
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AWARDS - Most Wanted Component Award 2017 - Mike Girardi, The StereoTimes (09/2017)
"...although the Atmosphere UEF Level 4 cables are excellent cables within their price point, the technology employed in the Galileo UEF cables significantly improved upon the performance of the Atmosphere UEF Level 4 cables. Inner detail, low level musical signal retention, and the ability for the listener to easily pinpoint outlines within a well-defined soundstage were exemplary through the Galileo UEF cables.  Instruments and vocals sounded lifelike and not electrically constructed through the Galileo UEF cables. The lower noise floor conferred many benefits in the areas of micro and macrodynamics which for me, is at the heart of enjoying recorded music… I have a new reference..."
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1 Active UEF EM Cell
Inside every Galileo UEF Power Cable is an Active Uniform Energy Field or UEF EM Cell that acts like a mini PowerCell power conditioner for your connected component while providing clean power to the cable’s Active Shielding. This is especially beneficial in systems with digital components such as computers and DAC's, Class D amplification, or when components have switching power supplies. The Carbon Fiber cylinder houses a Swiss-made power supply that generates the DC bias necessary for Active Shielding while eliminating the need for messy external wiring and cumbersome wall warts. Performance is further enhanced by the introduction of UEF technology built into the cable’s shields, the Swiss power supply, and the indivually sheathed cable geometries for the lowest noise floor on the market.

Gold and Black Tuning Bullets - Control your system.
UEF Tuning Modules connect to the shields of Galileo UEF power cables to contour the sound of the cord by changing its electrical resonance. By altering the relationship between signal and ground resonance, you take control of the sonic balance of your cable and in the process, the sound of your system. Silver UEF Tuning Modules are fast resonators that tune for crystal clarity, refined detail, and pinpoint image focus. Gold UEF Tuning Modules have a slower resonance for a sound that is warmer with a pronounced increase in soundstage scale with a warm sense of envelopment and in some systems, greater musicality. When combining both Silver and Gold UEF Tuning Modules you create the best traits of both Gold and Silver UEF Tuning Modules in exactly the correct ratio to bring out the best possible sound from your system.

10 Isolated UEF Geometries
Galileo UEF Power Cables feature 10 individual Active Shielded and isolated UEF geometries running in parallel, each biased by an onboard Swiss-made power supply infused with UEF Tech. High current conductors are accompanied by Pure Silver Monocrystal Filaments in air dielectrics and are built by hand in our California factory. The strategic combination of geometries provides audio components with refined AC power, enabling instantaneous current, free of noise and distortion. Specifically designed for either digital or analog components, the new Galileo Active UEF Power Cables will add weight, speed, and control—yet with all the warmth and delicacy required to bring your music to life.

Graphene - A near superconductor at room temprature.
Synergistic Research power cables are the World’s first to incorporate Graphene, a new highly conductive wonder material that consists of a layer of pure carbon a single molecule thick; a near superconductor at room temperature for breathtaking dynamics. *Superconductors are materials that can conduct electricity with almost no resistance when cooled to extremely low temperatures ranging from near absolute zero (-459.67°F or -273.15°C) to the temperature of liquid nitrogen (-140.8°F or -96°C). What makes Graphene so remarkable is that it can do this at room temperature.

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