Synergistic ResearchAtmosphere X Excite (Level2)newSynergistic Research Atmosphere X Excite (Level2) - NEW CABLE SERIESSynergistic Research's brand new series - Atmosphere XThe new and further improved Atmosphere X interconnect and speaker cable series comes now in three performance levels - Alive (level 1), Excite...2250.00

Synergistic Research Atmosphere X Excite (Level2) - NEW CABLE SERIES [Expired]

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Synergistic Research's brand new series - Atmosphere X
The new and further improved Atmosphere X interconnect and speaker cable series comes now in three performance levels - Alive (level 1), Excite (level 2) and the top-line Euphoria (level 3).  

Atmosphere X Excite – Level 2 Interconnects
Building on ALIVE’s UEF Matrix Shielding, EXCITE benefits from higher resolution Level 2 UEF Matrix Shielding and an expanded geometry that adds 2x Pure Silver Air Strings for RCA and 4x Air Strings for XLR hand built in SR's California factory from 99.9999% pure Silver Monofilament conductors in an air dielectric. To better match your system they are the first interconnects in the Atmosphere X line up to utilize RED UEF Tuning modules which add further warmth and bloom for systems that require a balance of resolution and easy listening musicality; simply listen to EXCITE in your system with and without the included RED UEF Tuning Modules to find your system’s perfect match. To lower your system’s noise floor further still the shields of EXCITE interconnects are tied direct to ground and not your components so you hear all of your music with none of the noise. As with all Atmosphere X cables, EXCITE comes standard with built in UEF Quantum Resonator technology and a conditioning process first developed for the BLUE fuse. They are then zapped with 1,000,000 volts of electricity on SR's big Tesla Coil which makes signal propogation more efficent at the molecular level. Together these innovations make Atmosphere X cables the most musical out of the box cables SR has ever made. Simply plug and play for high resolution musicality that only gets sweeter over time.

The prices for 1 meter pairs interconnects are:
Alive (level1): $995 RCA / $1295 XLR
Excite (level2): $2250 RCA / $2650 XLR
Euphoria (level3): $3495 RCA / $3995 XLR

For more information check out our website:
As a business we have to collect 8% TAX from buyers in California.

We offer a 60-day Money Back Guarantee on the Atmosphere X series. We also have a lending library for the Atmosphere X cables. The library is a way for people like yourself to borrow Synergistic Research items and to try them out in your own home, with your own system. You may be aware of other lending libraries, so you know we're not the first. However, our lending library is the first to be FREE of charge (you only pay the shipping costs). Click here for more information about the lending library.

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