Valvetsoulshine8newValvet soulshine8 - 6sn7 based design - handmade in GermanyOn popular demand we're bringing back Knut Cornils' 6sn7 based soulshine8 tube preamp. Now with thick front plate, the same the top model soulshine II uses, with better and improved design layout, ...6390.00

Valvet soulshine8 - 6sn7 based design - handmade in Germany [Expired]

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On popular demand we're bringing back Knut Cornils' 6sn7 based soulshine8 tube preamp. Now with thick front plate, the same the top model soulshine II uses, with better and improved design layout, separated PSU and 24 step-switch volume control with remote.     

Like the original soushine design it uses only one Mundorf Supreme Silver/Gold/Oil capacitor per channel and the circuitry has been re-designed for the use of 6SN7 tubes instead of ECC802S and 12BH7A. Not only one but two pairs 6SN7 tubes doing their little magic and make the sound even more resolving with more authority and weight. The signal path is wired with pure silver wire and is as short as possible.

Even though the four NOS 6SN7 tubes used are a good choice for the soulshine8 but this amp is a paradise for tube rolling. Imagine all this great sounding 6SN7 tubes out there :) 

The soulshine8, handmade in Germany, provides connections for 5 line inputs and 3 outputs.

The external power supply uses a powerful torodial core transformer and, for the first time, a solid-state rectifier, since this design has proven to be advantageous for the sound of the soulshine. No component-overkill, but perfect working conditions for the soulshine.

The soulshine shows exceptional detail, plasticity and sound stage. Everything is played on a black/still background. The listener hears no tube noise, but many tube virtues. Voices really have body, strings have the right fluidity, and an electric guitar sounds just like it should. Especially the harmony between silence and dynamics captivates the listener right away.

As a business we have to collect 8% TAX from buyers in California

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