Vitus AudioMP-P201usedVitus Audio MP-P201 Phono PreamplifierVitus Audio Masterpiece Series products are statement pieces, featuring the very best designs implemented with the best available quality parts. (For example, silver versions of the duelund capacit...22000.00

Vitus Audio MP-P201 Phono Preamplifier [Expired]

no longer for sale

Vitus Audio Masterpiece Series products are statement pieces, featuring the very best designs implemented with the best available quality parts. (For example, silver versions of the duelund capacitors).

Pure Class A with zero negative feedback custom discrete gain modules are powered by a separate 80 pound power supply.  Build quality is second-to-none.

Sound quality has been described by reviewers in superlatives:


     The first late evening I spent with it had me yelling, loudly and often, to no one in particular, "Are you f***ing kidding me?"

     (

 Tone Audio

    A $60,000 component should take your breath away, and the MPP-201 does so the second the first record is placed on the turntable. 

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Mono & Stereo

   This is as real as it get from any audio system thus far for this listener.

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I owned and auditioned many top phono stages in my system, including the Audio Research Reference 10 and the D’Agostino Momentum Phono. The Vitus MP-P201 has more detail, spaciousness, impact and weight while delivering a musical sound with life-like tonality than anything I’ve heard.

The Vitus has the following features, all configurable through front panel controls:

  .two sets of inputs: one balanced and one single-ended

  .two sets of outputs: one balanced and one single ended

  .up to 72db Gain

  .loading at 20 possible settings

  .mute and standby 

My MP-P201 was manufactured in 2011 and used as a demo by Vitus Audio. In 2015, it was updated at the factory where everything was replaced but the cases and the transformer. One functional change that was made from the original Mk I design was replacing the plug-in Gain/Loading boards with front panel configurability. Later in 2015, Vitus introduced a Mk II version of the MP-P201, adding more Gain (75 dB max) and a Mono switch, but mine is not a Mk II.

I purchased my MP-P201 from Vitus. I am the first private owner. The unit functions perfectly and is in beautiful condition, as you can see from the photos I’ve posted. There is one small ding around a screw on the bottom of one case, which of course cannot be seen when the unit is right side up. There are two slight scratches at the top rear of one case, which I caused with a footer. I have posted a picture trying to show the scratches.

The Vitus is the first piece I’m selling of my analog front-end. The turntable, arms and cartridges will go up for sale soon. I am not replacing my MP-P201, I really don’t know of another Phono amp I would rather have.

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