Forty Seven 47 Labs4713 Flatfishused47 Laboratory Flatfish MkIII transport (RARE!) with Progression Gemini DACI am selling a THIRD GENERATION Flatfish MkIII CD player from 47 Laboratory with external Progression Gemini DAC! This listing is for five separate parts: - the 4713 Flatfish CD transport, - the 4...6600.00

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47 Laboratory Flatfish MkIII transport (RARE!) with Progression Gemini DAC [Expired]

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I am selling a THIRD GENERATION Flatfish MkIII CD player from 47 Laboratory with external Progression Gemini DAC

This listing is for five separate parts:
- the 4713 Flatfish CD transport, 
- the 4705-G Progression Gemini dual mono DAC,
- three 4799 Dumpty power supplies (one for transport, and two for L+R channels). 

This is a legendary design, and if you are reading this, you probably already know about it. There are loads of information about 47 Laboratory online. 

This exact transport was an older version Flatfish (2nd generation). Back in 2014, Junji Kimura of 47 Laboratory personally upgraded it to third newly designed generation MkIII and brought it to Munich High-End Audio Show for presentation of his new design (and I bought it immediately after the show). However, not many MkIII Flatfish transports have been produced before Junji decided to drop Flatfish chassis design and move towards a completely new style chassis (known as "Izumi", with internally integrated DAC). This makes the Flatfish MkIII extremely rare!!! 

One visible difference between MkIII and older versions is a blue display, different remote control and a large screw-in damper that covers the entire CD disk. However, the biggest difference is inside: a new central processing unit with a specifically designed software to extract data from disks with extreme accuracy, a new laser mechanism, and a new spindle drive (that supports the more heavy damper). Combined with Flatfish's heavy aluminum chassis which rests on three points, the result is an outstanding clarity, vividness and dynamics of sound, with deep and tight bass that you have to hear to believe!  

The CD player comes combined with Progression Gemini DAC, a dual mono design where each of the two channels have their own completely separate circuitry and power supply. 
Technical condition of all items is absolutely immaculate! Cosmetically, they have some traces of use, but nothing too bad (please see the photos, my camera has difficulty to capture all the traces). If "10" is referred to a condition as "new in the box", I can describe  the cosmetic condition of all items as follows:    

1) Flatfish CD transport MkIII                                 very good   8/10 
2) Power Dumpty for CD transport 220V               quite good  7/10 
3) Progression Gemini DAC                                  excellent   10/10 
4) Power Dumpty for left channel 220V                 excellent    9/10 
5) Power Dumpty for right channel 220V               excellent    9/10 

This listing includes exactly the above items, including original packaging, and nothing else. If you are interested in buying any of the listed components separately, please drop me a message. 

We can complete transaction via eBay, I have listed it there as well (my profile on eBay has a large positive feedback).

I will ship worldwide with tracked package, please inquire about the shipping cost. If you are not too far away, a personal collection would be the best way to complete this. This is a relatively large transaction, and it might be a good idea to meet personally! I often travel around in Europe and we can easily meet. Other option is to split it in parts. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any more details. Any import taxes and duties are responsibility of buyers.  

Kind regards
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