Audio ResearchREF 5 SEusedAudio Research REF 5 SELegendary Preamp. I am selling due to recent ARC Ref 6 Purchase but loved this unit until the last moment I sealed it back in the original shipping material. If you are looking at the listing y...5800.00

Audio Research REF 5 SE [Expired]

no longer for sale

Legendary Preamp.  I am selling due to recent ARC Ref 6 Purchase but loved this unit until the last moment I sealed it back in the original shipping material. 

If you are looking at the listing you likely already know how great this unit is.   It is astoundingly clean sounding, bold, and intensely quiet--but far from sterile.  It's a musical joy. Besides this, it is built like a tank. Pride of ownership is exceptional.   

It is a "native" Ref 5SE, not an upgrade.  It is in great condition - the only two flaws I can find are some small scratches on the bottom of the remote, and a small crack in the acrylic top that is barely perceptible (see photos of each)  
Will be shipped in original packaging.  All tubes are independently packed in the original foam packaging.    

I am pricing to sell to avoid lengthy negotiations - I know its a fair offer as I've been watching these prices for months so please no low-ball offers.   

No international shipping please   Buyer pays Shipping  I will cover PayPal fees

"As I review my notes and what I've written here, I realize how hard it is to describe a component as good as the Ref 5 SE. It was a struggle to say anything relevant using the standard audiophile criteria and vocabulary. Over and over, I found myself simply describing what it was like to hear more of the music than before, a performance that now sounded more engaging and compelling than it ever had.     
There are a lot more expensive preamps out there today, but I'm not sure that any amount of money will buy better performance than the Reference 5 SE's. One thing I am sure of: Like its illustrious predecessors, the Ref 5 SE is a component I'll wish I'd held on to—assuming I ever let go of it. The Reference 5 SE gets my highest recommendation.
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