Viking AcousticsBERLIN RnewVIKING ACOUSTICS BERLIN R Mk II  97 db SPLNewest BERLIN R Mk-11! Limited edition Pair in Claro Walnut with rare burl maple cabinetsLarge Hand turned horns and solid wood baffle (face) in Claro walnutIncludes matching Claro walnut blade sta...15400.00


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Newest BERLIN R Mk-11!

  • Limited edition Pair in Claro Walnut with rare burl maple cabinets
  • Large Hand turned horns and solid wood baffle (face) in Claro walnut
  • Includes matching Claro walnut blade stands! 
  • Includes pair of Asymmetric loudspeaker cables
  • Ready to ship 

Shipped in KuBox re-usable crates!  

Reference stand-mount bass-horn loudspeaker with world's first innovations.


The Berlin R plays with off-the-charts dynamics and truly tectonic bass. Floor-to-ceiling sound stage, with the most perfect timbre and tone that will fill medium to large rooms with full accurate sound.

Latest Testimonial 

On Berlin R Mk-II with Asymmetric Reference Cables and Allnic mono-block tube amplifiers


Michael Acoustical Engineer from Portland Oregon

May 2018


So, the next three nights I got them the rest of the way dialed in, and they started to settle into the room. What an amazing difference even after only about 7 or 8 hours. By hours 10 through 15, they are really showing their abilities.  I have never heard more amazing vocal reproductions. July London, Nat King Cole, Patricia Barber, Holly Cole, Nick Drake, Diana Washington, Billie Holiday, I can go on and on…it’s kind of spooky…

I’m very pleased with the low end, quick accurate and quite full for a relativity small speaker.  I must say, they are larger then I had imagined.  Oh, the wood work, amazing, I am so pleased with look of the wood, the perfect horns, it’s really quite amazing. More to come...

Berlin R loudspeaker named as one of top 7 finest loudspeaker systems in the world along with Living Voice's Vox Olympian, and Magico's S7 in 2015 by Audio Lifestyle Magazine.


A little about the New Berlin R Mk-II

We said we would never change Berlin R our "Gold Standard" so we didn't we just pushed it a little further... 


Berlin R Mk-II has Improved semi-active tone-wood baffle, increased cabinet volume by .12ft, Larger more detailed and sensitive wide-band woofer with tone-wood phase plugs made exclusively for Viking. larger turned horns, and exclusive tweeter with titanium former extends beyond 35Khz. New Mk-II Blade stands are more stable.



  • Viking's Unique bass-horn-loaded tweeter system (textile tweeter in tone-wood bezels) 

  • Hand-turned tone-wood horn

  • Viking's internal tonewood resonator

  • 10-inch wide band woofer with tone-wood phase plugs and oversized AlNiCo motor

  • 6N solid core copper internal wire in pure cotton dialectic

  • Copper foil in beeswax capacitor and coil

  • Bandwidth: 28 Hz-35,000 Hz +- 1.5db! (Horn/resonator improves bass hz 5db!)

  • Sensitivity: 97 dB (1w-1m)

  • Impedance: 8 ohms

  • Solid heirloom tonewood baffle (See wood options)

  • Cabinet option: Match or contrast baffle & horn (See cabinet options)

  • Cabinet Size: 19.5" high x 11.5" wide x 18" deep (without horns) 50" total height on stands

  • Price includes Blade  or Mid-Century stands