Acoustic ReviveRTP-4 AbsoluteusedPrice reduced (Latest Model) ■ Acoustic Revive ■ RTP-4 Absolute ■ power distributorLike New - Acoustic Revive ■ RTP-4 Absolute ■ power distributor The latest version -- a version better than "Ultimate"The condition is very very good. Very beautiful. Like New. Difficult to fin...1890.00

Price reduced (Latest Model) ■ Acoustic Revive ■ RTP-4 Absolute ■ power distributor [Expired]

no longer for sale

Like New - Acoustic Revive ■ RTP-4 Absolute ■ power distributor     

The latest version -- a version better than "Ultimate"

The condition is very very good. Very beautiful. Like New. Difficult to find any scratches. Please see the photos.

With original box, and cert

I myself had been using three RTP-6 Ultimate before. After trying RTP Absolute, I have changed all Ultimate to Absolute. Now I can hear much more details than before. Period.

As I need 6 sockets, so I let this RTP-4 Absolute go

Price significantly reduced to let it go.

This is the review for the EU version, as a reference.

Bankwire/Bank Deposit +0% (or paypal fee +4%)

Ship via Post Office EMS SpeedPost with on-line tracking number 
Worldwide flat shipping rate = $120 (Within Asia = $80)

Can  declare much less in custom. 


The difference between "Absolute" and previous model "Ultimate" is big. You can hear much more details if you are using "Absolute". Why? The sockets, inlet, and the internal wires!!

-- Adopted GTX-D NCR that pure copper is used for the electrodes.

-- When the conductivity of pure copper is taken as 100%, even beryllium copper which is said to be the highest conductivity electrode material is only 53%.

-- PC-Triple C conductor adopted for internal wiring.

-- Adopt silver + rhodium plated pure copper electrode for the inlet.

-- (It was subjected to ultra low temperature treatment at -196 °C)


Size : W88 × H70 × D265(mm)

Weight : about 2.5 kg

While other power distributors are using noise filters, it uses Lithia tourmaline powder and natural quartz powder to absorb EMI and RFI

** Do not underestimate power distributors. This part could be a source of problem, if you have a high-end system, and no matter how good of the other power cables **

It is a passive power distributor. There are no electronic inside, so it can be used at any voltage from 100V to 240V



There are brass carved out large foot 
Combination of 2017 Duralumin box and brass foot will eliminate both materials resonance frequency.

* Eliminates noise and static electricity non-contact and non-magnetism 
* The box is filled with Green carborundum, Tourmaline powder and natural quartz powder to eliminate noise and static electricity without no contact and non-magnetism 
* Most of power supply box uses series type noise filter 
* But series type filter transfers noise elements to heat by magnet which not only absorbs noise, it also absorbs important electrical energy 
* Also the magnetic body produces magnetic distortion by the noise absorption which adds a distorted feel and thinness to the sound 
* This is because an electromagnetic wave absorbent material itself is a strong magnetic body 
* Also parallel type noise filter or choke coil can not avoid loss in transmission energy 
* It eliminates noise buy it takes away feeling of restraint and energy feel from the sound 
* Green carborundum has no side effects because it non-magnetic body 
* It only absorbs electromagnetic wave noise which is produced from receptacles and internal wiring 
* Green carborundum is the only electromagnetic wave absorbent material which improves sound quality and S/N ratio 
* Also the Tourmaline powder releases negative ion and keep the amount static electricity very low 
* The natural quartz powder releases far infrared rays which has an surface activation effect. This leads to very realistic and sound filled with a feeling of throbbing pulse


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