MAGNETFI AUDIOENCOREnewMAGNETFI AUDIO ENCORE High End Shielded Power Cord 3FT RED COPPER or SILVER USAThis listing is for one Encore Series Power Cord with 3ft length. It is available in your choice or Red Copper or Silver Color. The current pricing is our promotional introductory pricing for ...150.00

MAGNETFI AUDIO ENCORE High End Shielded Power Cord 3FT RED COPPER or SILVER USA [Template]

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This listing is for one Encore Series Power Cord with 3ft length. It is available in your choice or Red Copper or Silver Color.

The current pricing is our promotional introductory pricing for the high end Audiophile Grade Power Cord.

The sale comes with 7 Days Money Back Trial period if not satisfied. You just pay for shipping fees to and from and no stocking fees if returned within trial period.

We currently accept direct credit cards payment through PayPal and Audiogon Express Checkout at no additional fees. We also accept MO, Checks, Wire Transfer; etc.

If you have pre-sale questions, please email me directly at [email protected] or  please feel free to ask questions through Audiogon "Contact Member". Our forte is not only making audiophile budget friendly high fidelity cables but also in reasonable priced high end electronics based on simple but yet proven electronics concepts. Our products range from the Hi-Fi Interconnects and cables, Magnetfied preamp, SET amps, and Step UP MC Transformer boxes will be featured in our website soon.

At MAGNET-FI, we are dedicated to serve the Audiophile community better!


About "ENCORE"

I am pleased to introduce our MAGNETFI Audio ENCORE SERIES POWER CORD!

I have been an audiophile for a very long time and been in the High End Audio for more than 2 decades.

As an audiophile and an electronics tech, I am always looking out for a good sounding audio product at the prices I can afford. And sometimes, it means making my own product to achieve the goals and meet the performance I am trying to achieve.

That's the beginning of the meticulously made ENCORE Series Power Cord. Since the beginning, Encore design has seen a lot of refinements and improvements before I decided it's very comparable to the power cords costing in the 4x -10x the price of the Encore.

ENCORE design is based upon proven engineering concepts to sound good* or better* than most Power Cords in the market. I think it is visually stunning to complement your current audio rig and high on WAF (mine thinks so). Under normal use, ENCORE should last a very long time for your investment until you decide to move onto something else in the distant future.


  • ENCORE is made for an Audiophile by an Audiophile!


  • ENCORE comes with 7 Days Trial Period except for the custom order ones for the complete customer satisfaction! Your money will be cheerfully refunded without any restocking fees except the shipping costs (i.e. Shipping costs to and from will be the only expense you will have if you think ENCORE is not the right Power Cord for you and return to me in the same new condition).


  • ENCORE is entirely handcrafted one at a time in my shop in Southern California!


  • ENCORE is made with minimum of 70% of components made in the U.S.A!


  • ENCORE is a SHIELDED Power Cord to deter unwanted external noise such as ElectroMagnetic Interference (EMI) and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) from entering through the power cord.


  • ENCORE has better than 90% effective shielding on the entire surface of the Power Cord.


  • ENCORE is made with High Purity Copper Conductors. At the heart of ENCORE is highly flexible multi-strand 10 Gauge (10AWG) wire which is made in the U.S.A.


  • ENCORE is High Current High Power Ready for your power hungry components! Encore conductor is UL and CE approved and is capable of delivering 30A @ 250VAC continuous duty!


  • ENCORE is available in Two very attractive Colors (Silver and Red Copper). The shield materials are made in U.S.A with high purity (99.9%) copper strands! Please specify the color you desire with your order.


  • ENCORE is designed to be very flexible but it may be a littler STIFFer due to the extra shielding on it. Please see specifications for bending radii.


  • ENCORE may also be custom ordered with different color skin (i.e. Black or Black with White) to match the aesthetics of your other audio components.


  • ENCORE for the U.S.A customers comes terminated with very attractive Aluminum Body connectors for U.S Power Outlets and standard IEC socket. Both connectors features with rhodium plating over pure copper terminals for the ultra high current capability. The thick aluminum body of the connectors also serves as EMI/RFI shielding.


  • ENCORE is available in standard length such as 3ft (1M), 6ft (1.8M), 9ft (2.8M) length or can be custom ordered for any other length that you requires.


  • ENCORE may be custom ordered for the EU power cords.


  • ENCORE power cord comes with One Year U.S.A warranty for Parts and Labor Coverage! Extended Warranty is available for an additional fees anytime before the warranty expires.


  • ENCORE comes with certificate of authenticity attached to each power cord at the time of production. The original purchaser owner is automatically registered with your name and address along with the S/N of the cable you ordered for the easy service and support. There is no complicated registration process required or need to look for the receipt ever!



Rated Voltage : 125V AC For US/CANADA Version or 250V with Schuko Plugs for EU Version

Rated Current : 15 Ampere AC (Maximum 30 Ampere) Continuous Duty

Minimum Clearance Requirement for 45-90 Degree Bend : 6 inches between your equipment and the wall.

Minimum Radii For Coiling Encore: 5" (or 10" diameter)

Color Choices : Silver, Red Copper, (Custom order for Black, Red, Black with White; etc.)

Available Length : 3FT, 6FT (1.8M), 9FT (2.8M) or special order available for any length you required

Standard Connector Type : U.S Male Plug and IEC Female Socket (EU Version Connectors are available as special order for EU Customers)

Warranty : 12 Months For Parts and Labor

Packaging : Environmental friendly Hassle Free Packaging









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