Basis Audiovector 4 newBasis Audio vector 4 tonearmBasis vector 4 tonearm Currently 6k with vta I included a custom made delrin mount so you can use the tonearm on different turntables This arm is brand new never mounted never used, comes with se...3000.00

Basis Audio vector 4 tonearm [Expired]

no longer for sale

Basis vector 4 tonearm

Currently 6k with vta 

I included a custom made delrin mount so you can use the tonearm on different turntables 

This arm is brand new never mounted never used, comes with sealed instructions protractor etc
I just pulled out the arm wand and base for the pictures
It features the shorter cup so it can be mounted on various tt
IT is the current version, it includes the vta  and 4' Basis Perfect Signal Transmission cable

From the Basis website: “To quote a well know reviewer after
listening to a final, pre-production sample: “Deep, powerful bass; natural,
low-fatigue, low-grain midrange; delicate, airy high frequencies; positively
explosive dynamics; and the finest tracking I have experienced in my many years
in the audio industry. It seems to set new standards in many aspects of tonearm

 Paul Seydor of The Absolute Sound in his review said “The
Arm (Vector 4) is a true masterpiece”.

Les Turoczi of wrote “The Basis 2800/Vector 4
represents unequalled achievement”. “The Vector 4 never mistracks and is a joy
to operate......”

Analyzed from a technical standpoint, the Vector is a
formidable technical solution. Evaluated by a music lover, the Vector is a
sonic standout, redefining the possibilities of record playback by offering
tracking levels never before approached, musicality, and startling dynamics. “

The following technical information is summarized from the
Basis website.

“The Vector 4 tonearm utilizes a hybrid bearing featuring a
point contact, .020” radius polished male pivot fabricated from hardened tool
steel. The female cup is ground and polished from sapphire and is precisely
radiused to achieve self-centering with the pivot. The entire weight of the
tonearm is concentrated on the primary pivot, with an innovative stabilization
bearing controlling azimuth as well as guaranteeing stability of the vertical
rotational plane of the stylus. The result is a tonearm of unprecedented sonic
performance and superior tracking, guaranteeing reduced record wear.

The Vector tonearm is designed with a center of gravity
offset from the main pivot, generating a couple (torque) about the axis of the
armtube. This torque creates a secondary force resulting in a constant
side-load against the stabilizing bearing, which consists of an azimuth guide
arm riding against an ABEC 7 precision ball bearing. The guide arm is ground
and polished to a .060” radius, creating a point contact against the .125”
radius bearing. The secondary bearing is loaded in a purely radial,
uni-directional fashion, eliminating all free play as well as any requirement
for the bearing to support axial loads. With a radial runout of .0001” or less,
the secondary bearing guarantees azimuth stability to within .01070. The
secondary bearing is submerged in an extremely temperature independent damping
fluid, guaranteeing no possibility of bearing chatter. The azimuth guide arm is
angled at the exact angle of the headshell, forcing the tonearm to maintain
azimuth while traversing record warps and at all VTA settings. The above
arrangement yields a silent bearing that is supremely stable, resulting in
effortless sound and pinpoint, stable imaging. Magnetic stabilization of
azimuth position represents the addition of a secondary mass-spring system into
the tonearm design and introduces a rotational resonance in the audio band,
reducing image focus along with harmonic distortion.

The Vector armtube is fabricated from a “Matrix” alloy, a
metallurgical development in which the crystal structure is controlled in such
a way as to achieve desirable properties of resonance control without
sacrificing strength. Along with internal damping, the Vector 4
armtube/headshell assembly form an inert platform for the cartridge to
accurately retrieve the signal from the record.

The compliance of all cartridge suspension systems, along
with the mass of the cartridge and tonearm, results in a classic “mass-spring
system”. The elimination of ringing in this system can only be accomplished
through the effective use of viscous damping, achieved in the Vector Model 4
tonearm by the use of stable viscous silicone damping fluid and substantial
effective damping paddle area. For this reason, the Vector utilizes adjustable
anti-skating, with a bias weight that can fully cover the range of anti-skate
necessary even for the heaviest available cartridges.”

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