Audio Art CableIC-3 ClassicnewAudio Art Cable IC-3 Classic Stereophile Recommended Component, 2014-2018!An Audiophile budget reference since 2005!3 time Industry Award winner, including Stereophile Magazine Recommended Component, 2014-2017! Click HERE to check out a new video review of the Audio A...120.00

Audio Art Cable IC-3 Classic Stereophile Recommended Component, 2014-2018! [Expired]

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An Audiophile budget reference since 2005!

3 time Industry Award winner, including Stereophile Magazine Recommended Component, 2014-2017! 

Click HERE to check out a new video review of the Audio Art Classic Series Cables on New Record

** Price listed is for a 1.0m pair with RCA’s, Other lengths and connector options available.  Add $20 for XLR terminations**


The problem is, most “hi-end” cables just cost too much.
So, you are encouraged to spend more of your hard earned dollars on cables. But somehow they just seem to cost way to much! Other than the fact that I “need” these cables to squeeze out all of the performance my system is capable of, where’s the value? Where’s the love?!
We thought it was time for something different.
So, let’s be upfront here. Audio Art Cables do not include any of the following—No magic, no voo-doo, no snake oil, no mantras chanted during manufacturing, and no audiophile approved pixie dust!
Just high quality cabling and parts to maximize the performance and enjoyment of your system. Imagine that!
It’s Hi Fidelity at the right price
When we introduced the IC-3 in Spring 2005, it was our mission and our intention to provide the discriminating audio enthusiast with a high performance, yet high value cable alternative.
The IC-3 has established quite a following, and quite a reputation. Satisfied customers, and genuinely impressed hi-end audio reviewers alike agree this cable offers audiophile quality sonics in every respect…but does so at an entry-level price!! IC-3’s performance translates to a simply stunningly musical experience.
The IC-3 is an extraordinarily transparent and detailed cable that will transport the listener to an experience simply not found at this price level. It also makes a fabulous choice for high end home theater systems.
Revealing every sonic nuance, the IC-3 is smooth, full-bodied, holographic, BIG and dynamic, with tight, extended bass. This cable will involve you in your musical experience like no other cable at or NEAR this price point! We guarantee it.
Features include silver-coated OFC stranded copper conductors insulated in an ultra-low loss foamed Polyethylene dielectric, which provides very low capacitance. The cable is also 100% shielded with aluminum mylar for complete immunity to noise. The IC-3 is DEAD quiet, making for a totally black sonic background! Each cable is professionally hand assembled with our custom Audio Art RCA plugs, gold plated and machined from solid brass.
Technical Specifications:
  • Conductors: Silver-coated multi strand OFC copper
  • Dielectric: Foam Polyethylene
  • Capacitance: 30 pf/foot
  • Resistance: .009 ohms/foot (each conductor)
  • Shield coverage: Aluminum Mylar 100%
  • Diameter: 8 mm
  • Color: Silver

What’s being said about IC-3:

In comparing [Audio Art's IC-3] to the $2500 a meter Audio Magic Clairvoyants any differences were more an issue of resolution, dimensionality, and refinement than anything else was. That is, the two cables sounded harmonically very much alike. At the price for the IC-3, this cable is a real giant killer. Rich and tonally right, we were stunned as to how difficult it was to tell which cable was which in switching back and forth between the two.

Dave Clark, Editor, Positive Feedback Online, Issue2. Positive Feedback Writer’s Choice Award, 2006

With the Audio Art Cables in my system, I am happy to report that this illusion [almost feeling the singer’s presence in my room] persisted with the same naturalness and eerie presence. Every pause and intake of breath was clearly pronounced, as they would be if someone were singing live in my room. The treble was smooth and did not produce any fatigue, even over extended listening sessions. Soundstaging was greatly enhanced. The bass was taut and well defined...

Sid Vootla, Feb 2006

How good can a $100 set of cables really be? Answer: Damn good!
If you have a system in the range of $1,200 - $10,000 (…possibly even more), I think spending more money than this on cables could be better spent elsewhere.

Jeff Dorgay, Editor, Tone Audio, Exceptional Value Award, 2006

I would like to buy a set of your IC-3’s. I heard these in [a friend’s] system and they bettered an $800 cable from Tara!! I have the same Tara Air 1 cable as an FYI. I have a SET system with Wright 2A3 monoblock amps, pre and Cain & Cain double horn speakers - IM Ben’s. Thanks!

Bill D., Austin, MN

One of the best ’reference’ quality cables I have found… sonically this cable is very close to the Wireworld Super Eclipse V (7 X the price[!]) Imaging width, depth and height are excellent and was far behind the speakers. This cable is one of the best cables I have heard under $500 hands down, … and is a friggen steal at the asking price!

Mike S., San Diego, CA

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**Please allow 100-150 hours for these cables to completely burn in before critical evaluation. **

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