David Berning CoQuadrature ZnewDavid Berning Co Quadrature Z 220 wpc OTL mono's. NEWTen day Summer sale beginning August 20. Save 20%. Cal Rick Brown Hi Fi One, Carlsbad, California Mobile +1 612 817 1599 web rbhifi1.com email [email protected] am the global 'direct to client'...26400.00

David Berning Co Quadrature Z 220 wpc OTL mono's. NEW [Expired]

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Ten day Summer sale beginning August 20. Save 20%. 

Cal Rick Brown  

Hi Fi One, Carlsbad, California

Mobile +1 612 817 1599

web rbhifi1.com

email [email protected]

I am the global 'direct to client' sales agent of the David Berning company. This amplifier is brand new in a sealed box and was manufactured in December 2017. 

220 watt per channel OTL mono-blocks (2 chassis) incorporating the latest circuitry trickled down from the flagship 60 watts per channel class A 211/845 OTL. The QZ amplifiers will drive very difficult loads like the MBL 101 and Maggie 20 loudspeakers based on their ZOTL impedance matching patented circuitry. They are perfect for ll electrostatics.

There are no other OTL's and very few transformer coupled vacuum tube amplifiers that can make this claim. Load tolerance is one singularly unique Berning OTL attribute.  
Transient speed, bass impact, transparency and lack of coloration are exemplary and well chronicled in many reviews all over the world. No other OTL can produce 220 wpc with a total of 4 output tubes per channel.     

All other OTL amplifiers are conventional with all the caveats that accompany directly driving a loudspeaker w/o an output transformer. Meaning way too many very hot running short-lived output tubes.   

The QZ is an innovative, patented and technologically advanced tube amplifier utilizing a high-speed Berning designed and built switch mode power supply and full power factor correction. 

Moreover, the inexpensive 33JV6 output tubes will last a minimum of 10,000 hours and many have been running with the original tubes for over 15 years. That is only possible running the tubes as they were intended by their mfg's to be utilized. Not like all short tube life, conventional OTL competitors. 
These amplifiers have built-in AC filtration, weight 38 pounds each, self-bias and run anywhere in the world without adjustment. Plug-n-play. They stand alone where high power OTL amplification is concerned today just as they did when introduced 15 years ago.  
Truly 'technology in the service of music'.     

Stillpoint stainless steel Ultra feet are fully integrated and the full factory warranty is in effect the day of purchase. 
Wire transfer preferred. Local audition of demo encouraged.
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