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Morrow Audio MAP3 See Testimonial ! [Expired]

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  • Easy Pay payment plan available.
  • Cable Trade-Up programs.
  • 60 Days to try in your system, full refund returns.
  • Experience what others have in your system.

Price listed is for a 1 meter MAP3 power cable.

Allan G Submitted: 2017.09.11

Hi Mike

I am very satisfied with the purchase of two Morrow products and plan again to make additional purchases, upon completion of breaking the current cables.

The power cable introduced blacks in the music that I had not heard before and this from the first moment. The XLR interconnection cable gave me more detail, better bass and transparency.

I am very satisfied with the purchase and I only have to take 50 hours of listening so that I still expect more from this investment in the following hours / days.

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David F Submitted: 2017.07.21

Hi Mike,

I did end up hooking up the power cord to my video system for a total of about 30 hours when I was not at home. After the final day, I arrived home late, put the cord back into the music system and had a brief listen. Things had definitely opened up some, but it did not bowl me over. I decided the cord was to be returned. The next morning I thought I would give it a final listen just to make sure. Wow, it was as if the cord had been released from a straight jacket! Everything was totally open, transparent, and in it's right place.

The top end was still a little edgy, but that has since smoothed out. Why do your cables behave so differently than the rest? Why do they take so long to break in, and why does moving them affect the sound?

As to the question of why the power cord first, I had been aware for some time that the cord from the wall to the power conditioner was the weak link in my system but I was in no position to replace it. However, when your 40% discount came up, I could not pass it up.

So things have turned out for the better, the cord is everything a cord should be. Totally revealing.

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"I wanted to take a minute to provide some feedback concerning your MA6 Interconnects, SP6 Speaker Cables, and your MAP3 Reference Power Cords. All of these models have greatly enhanced my audio system. I was using top of the line and high cost Nordost and Kimber products before and after replacing them with your products, I can say that the quality and performance of sound across the spectrum was definitely elevated. I describe the sound as simply elegant. Your products are reasonably priced; I would say a bang for the buck, just what is needed in the audio world today. Highly recommended." Kevin - Louisville

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"Mike, The MAP3 was everything I hoped that it would be. It was fabulous out of the box and I know that it will only get better after the full break-in. Ray Charles is fantastic. Thanks! You will hear from me again." Ken

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