Cocktail Audiox40usedPrice dropUpgraded Cocktail Audio X40 Network Streamer DAC and NASUpgraded internals and connectors. Clean unit excellent condition and in perfect working order. Has 2TB unused HDD. This is an Upgraded Ver...1000.00

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Upgraded Cocktail Audio X40 Network Streamer DAC and NAS

Upgraded internals and connectors.  Clean unit excellent condition and in perfect working order. Has 2TB unused HDD. This is an Upgraded Version, unique in the market... Here's the basics: 

Support for the full range of Hi-Res audio file formats including: DSD64 (2.8224MHz), DSD128 (5.6448MHz), DXD (24bit/352.8KHz), PCM signal up to 32bit/384kHz and 24bit/192kHz WAV / FLAC

ES9018K2M Sabre³² Reference DAC XMOS 32Bit/500MIPS digital signal processing unit  
Phono Pre-amp INPUT (Moving Magnet) - connect a turntable directly  
Load your vinyl and cassette tape collections (192kHz sample rate)  
Music Streaming Services like Qobuz, Simfy and Internet Radio  
UPnP Media Server & Renderer for streaming playback and control remotely via Smartphone/Tablet/Laptop  
5 inch full colour TFT LCD & intuitive user interface  
HDMI Out connector for displaying the interface on an external screen (e.g. TV)  
Up to 4TB internal storage (support for 3.5” SATA hard-drives & 2.5” SSDs)  
Toroidal transformer minimizing idle noise FM Radio Tuner Record in hi-res (24bit / 192kHz)  
Web interface for remote control & Music DB management  
Control from smartphone/tablet with free UPnP apps 
Rugged chassis construction - 12mm thick Aluminium front panel

Using Nova App or direct by remote you can stream Tidal, Qoobuz etc. Sounds amazing. Absolutely silent running because of the upgrades. More information here:

And here are the upgrades...

1) New high end hand picked electronic parts / 

2) New internal Wiring / 

3) New RFI/EMI Shielding / 

4) New RFI/EMI Dissipation  / 

5) New RFI/EMI Dampening / 

6) New RFI/EMI Attenuation / 

7) New Vibration Dampening / 

8) New Furutech IEC inlet / 

9) Dramatic reduction of digital jitter as well as analog jitter  / 

10) Dramatic increase in available power supply storage affording many times more power available every millisecond over the stock unit / 

11) Voice unit to State of the Art sound quality through A-B comparisons against top references / 12) Clean & deoxidize all jacks with DeOxit / 

13) Tighten all fasteners inside and out / 

14) Ensure unit exceeds all factory  / 

15) Certify and document unit as "Signature Edition upgraded" / 

16) Clean unit both inside and out / 

17) Issue serialized & dated Signature Edition upgrade certificate / 

18) 100% Buy Back Guaranteed to best or least match the performance of any magazine rated top cost is no object model costing tens of thousands of dollars more.

What is the warranty period? On SE upgraded products we deliver brand new to the client, the warranty period is the same as the manufacturer's warranty period + 5 years parts and labor on our SE upgrade. On customer owned units, the warranty period covers the "Signature Edition" upgrade for 5 years parts and labor.  Warranty concerns must be returned to The Upgrade Company.

These upgrades make this unit perform absolutely quietly ensuring just the music is processed and heard. 

Buyer pays Paypal fees 2.9% and I pay 3.5% Audiogon fees.