InfinityRSnewInfinity EMIT Tweeter Replacement Diaphragm • NEW • Quantum, Kappa, RSAmerican Vintage Audio (AVA) is now offering a replacement diaphragm for Infinity EMIT Tweeters - Half Line Source models.ORDER HERE: NEW REPRODUCTION ...35.00

Infinity EMIT Tweeter Replacement Diaphragm • NEW • Quantum, Kappa, RS [Expired]

no longer for sale

American Vintage Audio (AVA) is now offering a replacement diaphragm for Infinity EMIT Tweeters - Half Line Source models.



• Replace your defective diaphragm with a new replica designed for equal or better performance. 

• Bring those vintage Infinity speakers back to life.

• $35 each and Free Shipping in USA.

• International Orders Accepted: Buyer Pays Shipping. Contact me for shipping cost?

• Payment by PayPal or Credit Card.

• Satisfaction Guaranteed, simply return for a full refund. *Will not warranty physically damaged, or "Open circuit"/Blown diaphragms due to over amplification. This is not covered in our return policy.

• Uncomfortable making your own repairs, I also offer Full repair Service.

Bio: I have 40 years in the audio Industry, serving in various technical roles, and currently restoring vintage 2.0/2.1 Stereo audio equipment; Loudspeakers, Receivers, Turntables, etc.

Fits the following Infinity speakers:

Infinity, Quantum Line Series, Quantum, QLS-1, Quantum 2, Quantum 3, Quantum 4, Quantum 5, Qa, Qb, Qe, Quantum Jr, Q5, Q4, Q3, Q2

Reference Standard B, RS B, Reference Studio Monitor, Reference Standard 1.5, Reference Standard 2.5, RS 2.5, Reference Standard 4.5, RS 4.5

Reference Standard 1, RS-1, RS-1A, RS-1B, IRS Beta, IRS V, IRS Gamma, RSB, RS II, RS IIa, RS IIb, RS Jr, RS a, RS e, RS III, RS IIIa, RS IIIb, RS 4, RS-5, RS-5b, RS-6b, RS-7b, RS-8a, 

InfiniTesimal, Reference Series, RS

Infinity Kappa, Kappa, Kappa 9, Kappa 8, Kappa 7, Kappa 6, Kappa 5,

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